Windows Virtual Desktop in a Box


For ensuring business continuity through a virtualized Windows and Office experience on Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop is not just a remote desktop. It is a remote productivity platform that provides a seamless rich client experience with Outlook, Search, Cortana and OneDrive, providing the ability to scale efficiently on demand.​

  • Bring Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to users with ability to add users easily and fast​
  • Manage different deployment types across different deployment planes with support in both persistent and non-persistent environments​
  • Experience integrated security and management (Microsoft 365, AAD)​



Windows Virtual Desktop provides:

  • Access to a fully managed, always up to date, rich Windows user experience from any end-user device platform with your choice of virtualized OS, including Window 7​.
  • Complete access control for security and cost efficiencies
  • Office 365 ProPlus in multi-session environment with containerization of apps for faster load times.
  • Migrate existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktops and apps to any computer.​

Key WVD Features​

  • Windows 10 multi-session that delivers the cost advantages of server-based virtualization​
  • Supported transition to Windows 10 with free Extended Security Updates for a Windows 7 VD​
  • Reduced management of compute, storage, rich diagnostics, advanced networking, connection brokering and gateway. ​
  • Virtualize both desktops and apps in a unified experience​
  • Broad OS support: Windows 10 multi-session, Windows 10 single-session, Windows Server 2012 R2+, and Windows 7​

Migration in a Box


  • 1-month free PoC – WVD ​
  • Partner support (deployment)

WVD offers support for ​

  1. WVD Native | Citrix | VMWare*​
  2. *Citrix, VMWare licenses not inclusive​
  • Offer month free for deployment and usage​
  • Architecture guidance by Partner Technology ​

Deployment Scenarios​

Windows Desktop | Web | macOS | Android | iOS

Service Principals using Power Shell | Host Pool using Azure Marketplace | Manage app groups | Host Pool to validate service updates | Service alerts


Plan Description

Deal value starting: $785/month

Recommended BoM Licensing: Microsoft Online Services Program​

WFH Pack (100 users) | starting $785/month


 Service type  Custom name  Region  Description  SKU(s)  Estimated Cost
 Windows Virtual Desktop    Central India  Pooled, 100 Users, 0.5 Peak concurrency, 0.1 Off peak concurrency, 160 Usage hours/month, multi-session, medium workload, D3 v2 (4 vCPU(s), 14 GB RAM), E10 (128 GiB, 500 IOPS) Disks  997-03172, AAD-26012  $450.01
 Virtual Machines  ADC  Central India  1 B2MS (2 vCPU(s), 8 GB RAM) x 730 Hours; Windows – (OS Only); Pay as you go; 1 managed OS disks – S10, 100 transaction units  AAA-88051, N9H-00870, N9H-01263  $94.86
 Virtual Machines  File Server - No HA  Central India  1 F2s (2 vCPU(s), 4 GB RAM); Windows – (OS Only); 3 year reserved; 1 managed OS disks – S10, 100 transaction units  AAA-19066, AAA-70513, N9H-00870, N9H-01263  $110.66
 Storage Accounts  For User Profiles  Central India  Managed Disks, Standard SSD, E10 Disk Type 5 Disks, Pay as you go  AAD-26012  $53.00
 Data Transfers    Central India  Zone 2: Asia Pacific, Japan, Australia, 20 GB  Q5H-00002  $1.80
 VPN Gateway    Central India  VPN Gateways, VpnGw1 tier, 220 gateway hour(s), 20 S2S tunnels, 128 P2S tunnels, 10 GB, Inter-VNET VPN gateway type  AAA-21819, T6Z-00018  $75.70
 Support    Central India  Free level  Support $0.00
         Monthly Total $786.03
        Annual Total  $9,432.34

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