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Where & How Business Process Automation Should be Applied?

Technology’s latest innovation – business process automation (BPA)-can automate workflows when human intervention is optional. Automation can reduce time and cost, make customers happy who do not have to wait in a queue to help them with a transaction, and prevent human error.

But not every business process is a good fit for automation, so management must decide which methods are best suited to automation and which ones are best managed by humans. How do companies pick which business processes to automate?

Companies begin by studying the necessary and engaging drivers for process development in their organizations and industries. Hence, companies seem to automate business processes that are time- and resource-intensive operationally, subjected to human error, and that can be stimulated with automated process improvements possible through tools and technology.

Business Areas Where BPA Produces Great Results

Mechanical and Repetitive tasks

Assembly work on the building floor, automated project management task and status software updates, auto security monitoring and lockdowns of equipment, time tracking, and automatic method flow for shipping, billing, managing inventory, filling order and more are examples of mechanical and repetitive business methods that are expected and controllable through automation.


An excellent instance is the credit or loan desk in a bank branch or back office. A client comes in and needs to be needed for a credit card/loan. The lending employee who has the loan app rule down but has insufficient experience in processing uses software automation in the loan approval method to run a financial review and credit check of the customer. With BPA, the loan officer can immediately tell the customer the amount of a loan he/she passes for and under what interest rate and other conditions.

Tracking Sensors

Companies are starting to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) technology like sensors and networks to drive their automation. Companies aim to deliver end-to-end clarity of vital business processes that happen outside the enterprise walls. Events such as installing sensors on containers that follow container actions and display alerts when container seals are cut or when the heat and humidity environmental conditions fail in containers shipping medicine or foodstuffs can be identified with the help of business process automation technologies.

Risky Manual Tasks

Frequently, companies want to withdraw sending employees to do dangerous or risky jobs. Automation in vehicles that can operate unsupervised, unmanned aerial vehicles and robots can perform many of these tasks

Business Areas Where BPA Is Ineffective

Companies with the highest dominance of BPA know when automation can get in the way of necessary business processes. One cardinal rule is to think very thoroughly before starting automation to your customer-facing methods. Let us check out the areas in which automation might not be effective for producing great results.

Online Booking Services

A customer might enjoy automatically booking a hotel or a travel reservation without having to wait to speak with a human agent. Still, he/she is considerably less favorable to complex call attendant automation with multi-layered processes and sometimes a phone disconnects at the end of the process. Using automation here is not a smart solution, as human conversations are much suited for such easy tasks.

Voice & Visual Technology in Devices

Some companies that have included voice- and visual-based automation found that the automation’s sensory and translational devices are weak to apprehend and answer to all the categories of data coming in from the physical environment that they are expected to perform. In such cases, automation’s assistance can be very limited, as specific instructions need to be answered precisely with proper attention.

Optical Sensors

The optical sensors on automated vehicles can drop necessary environmental signals occurring in accidents. In these cases, visual automation environments would be tightly confined so that less information is left to review.


Generally, business process automation can do wonders in your business nowadays. But it is very important that companies that implement such solutions intend to seek for greater performance and productivity. But, only if BPA is executed and applied correctly such results can be achieved. With the help of Katpro Technologies, BPA can be utilized with utmost effectiveness and optimization. However, executing automation in the wrong way can do harm as mentioned in the article. By availing Katpro Technologies’ reliable consultation, implement automation in the right way to produce the results you wanted to see in your business..

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