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What Is Microsoft Powerapps And When To Use It?

In the past, if anyone would have told us that we didn’t need to learn any programming language to build ourselves an app, then we would have laughed it off. And the thing about the present is that we ourselves build apps without having the need to learn any programming language and going through extensive boring coding sessions. And that’s just the peak of it.
With the help of Microsoft PowerApps, you can simply make your way to building a custom business application in just a matter of minutes. And that’s worth something.

This technology has been adopted by various multinational organizations in order to build powerful applications all over the world. Many multinational companies are certified partners and utilize this technology on a regular basis to easily build user-friendly business applications for different purposes.

Microsoft PowerApps

And if you are just trying to master the technology and don’t quite know where to begin, let us say that we have got it covered. Let’s build your first business application with Microsoft PowerApps.

Setup & Connection

The first step is to open the PowerApps studio and sign up. After you have successfully signed up, click on “New.” Now, you will be able to see the layout template that you would like to select for your app and data source. If you aren’t quite sure about the data source, then all you need to do is to go with a blank app template. Selecting this will require you to build it all from scratch. Let’s just select SharePoint.

PowerApps studio

You will face two options:
• Connect Directly
• Connect Using On-Premise Data Gateway
Select accordingly. Let’s select “Connect Directly” here. Click on the “Create” button. Now, you are required to provide the SharePoint URL. With it, you will be getting the data from the list. Now, click “Go.”
Here, you will come across a list of SharePoint sites that you entered. Select the one you want to connect that will act as the data source for your application. Click “Connect.”

PowerApp Builder
PowerApp Builder

Now, we have made it into the app. You will be able to see a window where you can see the list data showing. You can also go with the “Quick Tour” option in order to have a better understanding of how to make your way around.

PowerApp Builder

The screen will be divided into a total of three sections with provisioned tools.
Are you able to see the three dots on the left-hand panel? They are kept in place to allow you to create New, Duplicate, or even delete the existing screens.

Let’s Begin The Customization

It’s time to customize your application. You can easily customize your app with the controls available to you in the toolbar that’s been provided to you in the right-side panel. Let’s customize the title, field’s order, and make certain small changes around.


If you want to change the screen title, then first of all select it. Click on the Advanced settings on the right side of the screen. That’s where you can change it.

Field’s Order

If you want to change the order of the fields, you can do so by organizing the data source field with the desired sequence.
Adding A Custom Card
Click on the “+,” and you will be able to bind the fields from the data source to be shown on the screen.

How Many More Customizable Options Are Available At My Disposal?

Here’s a list of what you can customize:
• Data Sources
• Images
• Icons
• Search
• Formula


And here you have it. Your first business application is ready. You can perform the testing and go with the launch phase after everything is in order. And that’s how you easily build a custom business application to get things going.
Microsoft has been constantly updating the Microsoft PowerApps platform in order to fix the reported bugs ang add some features. The company is dedicated in providing their users with the top-quality experience.

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