What in-store for you with Microsoft SharePoint?

What in-store for you with Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint – A strong leader and one of the most successful products of Microsoft is in for a long haul. Its solutions and features create an eco-system where Enterprise Solution Deployment receives huge acceleration. With Office365 and On-Premise SharePoint, Microsoft offers huge value propositions to Enterprises, SMEs and Start-ups.

Microsoft SharePoint provides an ultimate blend of power and functionality with better ROIs.  It is one of the most acceptable and strong enterprise solutions for document sharing, collaboration, which has been received positively by millions of users across the globe. It has also generated multitudes of revenue for implementation companies. It combines various applications like your intranet, extranet, content management, document management, personal cloud, social networking, search, workflow management, business intelligence, web content management and much more.

What is at the heart of Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint has become invincible with its Enterprise friendly capabilities. Right from file-sharing, networking, collaboration, compliance SharePoint creates a secure, intelligent, innovative and productive environment for any workforce. Talk about business intelligence, solutions for mobile devices, content management, and an efficient search facility, SharePoint has it all.

It has provided a new paradigm shift by using the cloud computing method to innovate, deliver new experiences and greater value propositions to both customers and partners alike. Office 365 strengthens employees by providing them the 4 Cs of Connecting, Collaborating, Computing, and Compliance!

What is in-store for the future?

Microsoft SharePoint hybrid environment with SharePoint Cloud and On-Premise makes it easier for Enterprises and delivers new experiences around cross-suite capabilities, mobility and collaboration. To consolidate business and customers experiences, Microsoft provides new technological revolutions that promise the following:

#1. The intranet-in-a-box experience focuses on the managed service delivery model, which strengthens user’s ability to create, manage, store, secure all its content/data using SharePoint.

#2. A Hybrid model with dual possibilities of easily managing administrative tasks and focusing on an opportunity for innovation; to create new services out of core competencies.

#3. Enhanced User Experiences with multi device access, intuition, customization and work around for both the end-users and IT professionals.

#4. With a Cloud first strategy, users can now choose Cloud or On-Premise implementation to enjoy the dynamism of SharePoint.

#5. Higher Security measures will enable improvements in user access to data and mitigate data loss. All possible with the new document retention and control access methods like permission integrated workflows, groups and inheritance.

Microsoft SharePoint has a great future as it is progressing to the Next Level. In 2017, compliance and security will remain critical. There would be enhancements and expanded a set of tools for administrative options. Users will witness enhancements like DLP preventions, eDiscovery, and improved encryptions. These developments by Microsoft are a great way forward for enterprises, who are interested in leveraging the SharePoint platform, all in a positive direction.

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