What are Cognitive Services?

We are in a era of continuous transformative development,so in order to outperform our competitors and sustain a competitive business, we need to develop cognitive apps. These intelligent apps have the capability to act like human and understand natural language , learn from experiences and take intelligent decisions.

These are basically a set of machine learning algorithms which adds intelligent natural language communication to web pages and custom applications. It involves Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and pattern recognition to develop intelligent apps. Main features include speech recognition, language understanding, sentiment detection and data insights which help to close the gap between human and machine interaction. Data is feeded into an intelligent algorithm which can analyze it, understand it, correlate it and improve its intellect.

Using these technologies , organizations can scale up their sales , customer satisfaction  and gain a huge business advantage. Its applications include chat bots, sentiment analysis, face detection, risk assessment and fraud detection.

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