Top 9 Reasons A SharePoint Intranet is your Best Option

SharePoint intranet is a collaboration solution with spectacular communication, content project, and employee management features. It is a suitable collaboration tool for mid-size and large organizations. 

SharePoint Intranet is one of the most popular technologies in the world. It won various awards, including Nielsen Norman Group’s annual top ten intranets and the Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards, for its worldwide popularity and striking features.  

One of the greatest benefits of SharePoint Intranet is that it offers intranet out of the box. It offers you various options, including additional site templates, ready-to-build web parts, page layouts, better governance, etc. Overall, SharePoint is a turnkey internet product that makes your organization more efficient.  

Features of SharePoint Intranet

  • Collaboration: Enable collaboration for diverse teams within the same project through applications. Developers can either customize the apps or build their own apps.
  • Extensibility: You can deploy apps on the cloud via SharePoint’s online service. Just subscribe to Office 365. 
  • Interoperability: SharePoint integrates office along with web-based documents and enables you to build custom solutions using diverse technologies.

Why should you consider SharePoint Intranet? 

Extensive Range of Features

SharePoint Intranet offers an exclusive range of features such as document management, task management, asset library,  and security information management. With these features your organization seamlessly stores, shares, and manages information digitally.  

Even developers don’t need to code on this platform. Easy customization makes SharePoint Intranet more popular than other similar tools. 

Office 365 Integrations

Now, SharePoint Intranet is a part of the Office 365 suite. The organizations using SharePoint Intranet can leverage all the features and products of Office 365 through this platform. Additionally, new features, versions, and improvements of Office 365 are provided to the SharePoint Intranet users at no extra cost.   

Integration with other Systems

No one can deny the fact that SharePoint Intranet offers third-party integration with your existing ERP and CRM. This enables you to access information quickly by connecting various systems from available sources. 

Flexible, scalable, and customizable

Whether it is 100 employee organizations or 100,000 employee organizations, SharePoint Intranet offers internal content services, communication, collaboration, search & findability, and more. Flexible and scalable at the same time, SharePoint Intranet is also customizable. Hence, it makes it easy for businesses to craft the foundation for a digital workplace.  

Cater to most content publishing needs

SharePoint Intranet provides sophisticated content publishing and management, meeting all your internal communications needs. It manages all your internal content in one place with security. Exclusive content publishing features like news templates, approval workflow, editorial calendars, and automated content reviews are accessible in a single box and you can leverage all of them to grow your business. 

Integrating collaboration into the intranet

SharePoint has always been a top choice for collaboration. And with the intranet experience, SharePoint Intranet is opening a whole new level of collaboration in a private network. It redefines collaboration with an intranet experience and daily flow of work on a single integrated on-premise platform. 

Simplify document sharing and management

Many organizations share a document-centric information sharing model. And information collaboration, distribution, knowledge assets, and project output are also document-centric. The impeccable document library capability of SharePoint enables easy sharing and distribution of documents. It also boosts knowledge management and collaboration. You can easily integrate the SharePoint libraries into the SharePoint Intranet. Get in touch with us to leverage SharePoint Intranet.

Supporting personalization and content targeting

SharePoint Intranet has personalization and content targeting capabilities. With such features, you can target any content into different groups at one location. It empowers content with different themes to appear together. SharePoint Intranet leverages easy integration with active directory profiles to offer relevant intranets. 

Microsoft continues investing in SharePoint

Microsoft has been actively investing in SharePoint to unleash extraordinary capabilities with the goal of promoting intelligent intranets. You can frequently see new announcements. Such investment and new updates make SharePoint Intranet future-proof. 

Adopt SharePoint Intranet with us  

We at KatPro Technologies are one of the leading SharePoint consultants and serve a large customer base worldwide. Till now, with more than 200 implementations, we have become a trusted and expert partner for all your SharePoint needs.

We are also doing custom development and deployment SharePoint customization including document management solutions and SharePoint Intranet. Talk to our SharePoint experts for more information. 

Author, Kothand Rajangam

A founder and CEO with a passion for technology is providing Microsoft Suite of solutions to mid-market and enterprises on Nintex, SharePoint, and Cloud. Kothand drives excellence in designing and delivering solutions backed by client success. His strong focus on Azure Suits and AI helps to complete enterprise turnkey projects with deep skill in quality delivery and business strategy. With more than 15 years of experience, Kothand and his team migrated over 500+ customers to the cloud.

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