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Top 5 Benefits of Migrating to Office 365

Microsoft 365 is making a massive buzz between large enterprises and small businesses these days. It is clearly noticed now that enterprises are strictly following Office 365, and it drives their productivity at a very reasonable cost.

Companies are searching into the cloud for IT cost reduction, flexibility in delivering the latest tools, improved productivity, and more. Being one of the pioneers in Office 365 migration and consulting, Katpro Technologies points out the top five benefits of migrating to Office 365.


1. Cost Control

  • It is known that Office 365 is provided with a monthly pricing structure and proposes numerous price flexibility with its assistance.
  • At Katpro Technologies, we have several Office 365 plans to pick from, and therefore, you can select options depending on your needs instead of spending large sums upfront for the tools you may need to run your business.
  • You only have to pay for the products you need that ultimately gives you scalability and cost-effectiveness. Businesses prone to changing size are the perfect users of Office 365, benefiting from the program due to its scalability.
  • It is recommended to pick a plan, as it gives those extra facilities for you rather than your necessary needs. At Katpro Technologies, we have three plans, namely Basic, Essentials and Advanced.

2. Work from Anywhere and At Anytime

  • Being accessible from anywhere is yet another reason why businesses are migrating to Office 365 nowadays. Office 365 is a cloud-based answer that enables users to reach their records anytime/anywhere from their devices.
  • It is great for all and ideal for home, part-time, and full-time workers, making it excellent for modern work environments.
  • Additionally, options for 2 factor (bank like logon) authentication are possible for more security while accessing your office 365 system.
  • With Katpro Technologies, depending on the license you prefer, a model of Office 365 can be downloaded and installed, or you can work with a decreased functionality of web-based applications.

3. Streamline IT Support and Maintenance

  • For on-premises deployments, such as installing, supporting, repairing, and renewing your infrastructure, a high cost to your organization is charged.
  • However, by availing Katpro Technologies’ migration consultation with Office 365, all hardware and software upgrades are completed by Office 365, thus decreasing the costs significantly.
  • In most cases, no action required by you (other than an email to read, informing you of a change).
  • Local devices like PC’s, Laptops, tablets, printers, smartphones and the internet connection will still require support and upgrades. Moreover, all the complex business-critical services are done from the cloud with a 99.9 % service uptime.

4. Excellent Communication and Collaboration Tools

  • Modern businesses need the best collaboration tools, and constant communication within and outside your organization is necessary.
  • The applications included in Office 365 allow users to work in real-time. For instance, multiple users can edit a document in Office 365 from different locations. Thus, overall productivity is increased a great deal.

5. Best-in-Class Security and Compliance

  • Among all the cloud-based suites, Office 365 is leading for implementing the best security measures to protect and shield your data from all the risks.
  • According to their Data Loss Prevention Policy, Office 365 handles your deleted data, and it complies with HIPAA, FISMA and ISO 27001.
  • Users get the help of the most recent technology to safeguard their files over the cloud.

Benefits of Availing Katpro Technologies in Migrating to Office 365

At Katpro Technologies, over 150 Office migrations are completed as of now and we emphasize collaboration and transparency in each of our Microsoft development projects. By availing of our Office 365 Consulting, a real-time view of all activity around a client or issue is available to everyone across your organization.

Schedule a consultation with us now to learn more about our Office 365 migration services and how we can help streamline your organization’s communication and collaboration in the cloud.

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