3 Things You Should Know About Microsoft Cloud Computing

Everything and everybody are on Cloud 9 today! Microsoft Cloud Computing has instilled a paradigm shift in the manner we conduct ourselves around life, businesses, gadgets, education, healthcare, leisure and more… in short, it touches many technological aspects of our lives! It has turned out to be a productivity tool that enables us to work efficiently. The Cloud is an array of services offered by thousands of vendors across the Internet. Three major pointers that will help you familiarize Microsoft Cloud Computing and what it has in store for you!

Two sides of the same Coin!

Microsoft Cloud- Saves Costs & Secures your data. Depending on you IT needs, you can use Microsoft Cloud Platform instead of buying expensive IT hardware or software. The two most popular Cloud offerings are – the Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] and Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS] models.

SaaS vs IaaS simplified!




UtilizationProvider Hosts Enterprise Applications and Associated DataProvider Offers Virtual Machines, Physical Servers, Storage, Switching & Connectivity resources to run enterprise applications
Data StorageProvider stores Data on Servers & Storage SystemsUser needs to Install & Maintain the Operating system and applications on the virtual machine
Access & MaintenanceWeb Browser Access & Provider is responsible for maintenance of the HardwareProvider is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure hardware that the virtual machine runs on
Cost ImplicationsPay per user/ per month basisPay-as-you-go basis

Typically, users use a hybrid cloud strategy that enables one to leverage public Microsoft Cloud servers, for applications such as line of business, CRM, ERP; whereas keeping sensitive, customized data and applications on a private cloud with more security options.

Cloud storage is economical; reduces infrastructure costs, software and hardware investments

Infrastructure and Technology updates eat away a major chunk of any company’s financial budget.  Microsoft Cloud platform shifts expenditures from capital expenses to operational ones. It is very critical for companies to trust the virtual world for mission-critical applications and data storage. Cloud storage adds the required operational efficiency, scalability, security, or flexibility that one needs. Meaning Higher ROIs! A cloud platform also makes your Internal Network robust and efficient. Switching, routing, and security aspects are optimized to facilitate access to applications outside your network. You just need to ensure you have a great bandwidth to go with it!

Cloud storage ensures an efficient IT Staff and better Workflows

Microsoft Cloud Platform brings about important changes into your workflow. An efficient workflow and team member network or hierarchy enables optimization and higher productivity.  In any company, the IT staff spends the considerable amount of time and energy in managing, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment, applications and data. Microsoft Cloud computing enables both; assistance and management services allowing you to offload some of your IT operations, thus providing your internal staff a relief. Now, your staff can focus on more critical projects to ensure the success of your business.

Microsoft Cloud Computing is truly carving a niche in the enterprise IT sector.

It is projected that by 2018, 78% of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers and an 11% increase in cloud computing spends.

Yes, Microsoft Cloud can facilitate companies to become ever responsive to market changes and rein in IT cost reduction.

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