Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

Manage all your supplier and vendor transactions in a single point unified portal.

  • Improve Communication
  • Reduce Costs and Ommissions
  • Improve Turn Around Time
  • Transaction Efficiency

Why Supplier Portal

Supplier portal is almost essential tool needed in today's business environment, to efficiently track communications and reduce the turn around time.


One of the key challenges faced today is communication between the company and its vendors on various policies, notifications, renewals, etc


Losing time and money due to errors or quality issues is also one of the key pain points faced by companies when dealing with vendors and suppliers.

Document Management

Document management comprises the core feature of supplier portals from efficiently sharing documents, contracts, legal documents, etc.

Attain 25% Productivity Improvement in Supplier Communication

Contracts Management

Efficient contract management for issuing new contracts, purchase orders, auto-scheduling notifications for renewals, notices


Capture quality issues, incidents, resolutions to improve the overall performance and manage ratings for your suppliers at your finger tips.


Clear visibility in tracking shipments, goods, contracts so that the procurement and production is well planned.

Its an essential need for every manufacturing company when dealing with multiple vendors and contractors.

William HelmsWilliam HelmsInnovation Director

Katpro was instrumental in developing an innovative solution for our needs at a very reasonable cost.

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Why Katpro

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Platforms we work with

Supplier Portal or Vendor Portal can be built using the following technologies for proven success. We have readymade portals that can be customized to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Supplier Portal?

Supplier portal is the single place of access for all vendors,  suppliers and contractors to share contract documents, policies, communications, announcements, etc.

Who can use it?

Typically mid-size to large organizations find use for supplier portals or vendor portals to seamlessly integrate all communications between the organization and contractors.

What is the technology behind the supplier portal?

SharePoint is a proven platform for building and deploying supplier portal or vendor portal. However we work with various low/ no code platforms to deploy them.

What are the core features of supplier portal?

Core features of any supplier portal include communication management, contract management, project management, quality assurance, document management and notifications.

Whats the typical cost of supplier portals?

Cost and pricing for building vendor portal or supplier portal varies depending on the size of the business and the complexities of the requirements. We suggest you contact us for a detailed quote at or here.

Whats the deployment timeline?

Typically we can deploy supplier portal or vendor portal in about 2 months to 6 months, depending on the requirements, complexity of the business. Our ready made solution requires about 1 month to deploy.

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