Shopify Inventory Updation

Many customers on Shopify have a challenge in ensuring that their inventory system is not in sync with Shopify. There are many reasons for this and mainly because customers with physical stores don’t essentially keep their online and physical inventory in sync and updated.

This causes many problems for the inventory manager as there will either be too many duplicates or the fact that the actual records don’t reflect the real situation.

Hence katpro has developed a simple easy to use product to ensure that the physical inventory and the online inventory are matching and in sync.

This requires the use of the flat file or csv or excel file from the inventory management system to be made available to the program that will run the logic of cleaning up and ensuring the product quantities are updated in both places.

Please reach out to us to know more on how we achieved this and to get a demo of the product.

Contact us at or +18135020609

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