SharePoint Vs Alfresco – Which CMS is Best?

In any business organization, the need to viably, effectively communicate and collaborate in a convenient way is very important. Contending with workers and shifting schedules or timetables, numerous organizations look toward enterprise content management (ECM) systems such as Microsoft’s Share point. Their purpose is to enable users within organizations to collaborate and share work within a commonly or regularly accessed website framework. 

SharePoint makes sites or destination to be utilized by committees or an entire department of workers. The decisions are flexible, adaptable, depending on your organization’s needs -you can sort out SharePoint sites however you wish in order to make document libraries, data or information lists and personalized work sites for clients.

Alfresco is a part of the open-source movement to specifically address ECM. It is an innovative technology that has developed rapidly.

SharePoint and Alfresco are the two significant content management solutions in the business today. But both have developed in various directions.

SharePoint Vs Alfresco Comparison

The Technology

SharePoint is a Microsoft solution. It is in this manner sits on a total Microsoft stack including Windows Server, SQL Server, Internet Information Server, etc.

Alfresco on the other hand again is said to run on just about any stack that can support Java. So while they likely empower an open source stack such as Apache, Linux and My SQL the platform can likewise be installed on Microsoft Windows Server and use MS SQL.

Product Features

SharePoint is fantastic for records management and extremely helpful for cooperation or teamwork.

Alfresco utilizes more components which are reliant on Microsoft items or products for storing substances.


Support Services

SharePoint is upheld by Microsoft as well as a large number of sellers/vendors/developers around the globe.

Alfresco is a smaller setup when contrasted to Microsoft. Alfresco has a predictable arrangement of resources.


SharePoint helps you reduce TCO, or ROI for a long-term. 

Alfresco might be a bit more expensive than working with SharePoint.

Conclusion: SharePoint and Alfresco both have turned out to be extraordinary products and have discovered endorsement from clients. We suggest SharePoint over Alfresco, as it gives better documentation, and is exceptionally versatile to Microsoft ecosystem. Contact Us to know more.

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