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How does SharePoint Portal benefit organizations?

SharePoint Portal is a world-class enterprise platform, which facilitates the development of a convenient portal site to store all the important information about your business. It enables users to connect to critical information, expertise and applications. Enterprises can now meet deadlines and run work process seamlessly, with a continuous access to information and data. Timely internal and external collaboration ensures building a strong foundation of work processes and communication.


What are the features of SharePoint Portal?

Let us analyze important aspects of SharePoint Portal:

  1. The servers come with a host of features to improve and accelerate business processes
  2.  Provides better manageability, productivity, accountability and efficiency
  3. Provides different site templates for creating, customizing, deploying and managing organization wide sites and information effectively
  4. Web-based drag and drop tool helps managing navigation, security access, page-listing and general look and feel of the UI
  5. Inbuilt capabilities help employees utilize the power of social networking to share information across organization and communities
  6. Now scan broken links and change or delete the links
  7. Mobile device support helps in rendering portal pages and content for mobile devices
  8. Web pages can be targeted to particular list or group of audiences

SharePoint Portal is also a collection of different applications like document, project, content management, enterprise mailing and messaging. This enables seamless communication and eases workflows within the business. These portals are either directory or sites through which users can effectively share, discover, follow, participate and work on common work processes.


toring and accessing information in any organization is a tall challenge. An Intranet, Extranet or Internet Portal is a centralized access to all enterprise information and applications. It is a tool that helps organizations manage internal communication, applications and information with ease.

SharePoint Portal is a perfect platform to build portals with different purposes whether these are internet sites, extranets, intranets, event portals, client and vendor portals etc. These portals provide organization benefits like increased employee engagement, centralizing process management, reducing new staff on-boarding costs and providing an effective means of capturing and sharing information across the organizations.

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