SharePoint Leave Management System

As a competitive organization, you require a dependable Office leave management system to oversee or manage employee absence, calculate leave accruals and make payments precisely. Katpro leave management solution is a highly configurable and can address leave management needs of any organization, be it a small or big. Leave management system does not require additional infrastructure.

SharePoint based Leave Management System is a HRIS and HRIS Leave Management System streamlines communication between HR with employees and encourages straightforward yet effective management of leaves of employee. It speeds up, accelerates and improves your entire leave management process. You can record, screen and monitor wide range of leave over your organization: Privilege Leaves, Sick Leaves, Maternity Leaves, Vacation, Training, etc. Analyze absence patterns to help you keep up efficiency and reduce lost time. Leave Management empowers you to apply for leave online, view leave balances and track all your employee leave information from one central place. Leave transactions of Employees are precisely followed and leave balances are automatically refreshed or updated. You can import/export leave summary for integrating data with different applications.

Katpro Leave Management includes works via mechanizing your leave endorsement or approval process you can reduce unexcused absences and contain HR overheads. It’s easy to understand employee self-service dashboard offers simple interface to apply and see leave request status and calendars. The SharePoint based leave management system’s staff leave planner enables executives to set up employee data and leave types and policies effectively.

This efficient or productive SharePoint leave management system can enable you to save your payroll or finance costs by planning for and overseeing absences intelligently. Employee has a complete perceivability into his leave entitlements and leave balance at the time of sending leave request. Staff leave planning using Katpro’s SharePoint LMS benefits both employees and employers by giving a straightforward leave approval workflow or work process.

Employees can plan their leave around the group schedule to ensure your departments are sufficiently staffed. Setting limited days or confined colleague guarantees that key individuals from the group do not take off in the mean time. With unified absence management you can ensure that your global resources are managed or overseen well.

Some Key Features:

Katpro has brought a highly configurable Leave Management System which adapts to the Company’s Leave Policy with ease and enables the HR to set different locations with different full days/ half days and weekends.

It has a highly informative and flexible holiday calendar in which annual holidays are automatically added while the rest ones can be updated accordingly. You can configure your own holiday calendar according to the leaves decided by the organization.

The fields in leave application form such as Name, Employee ID, reporting manager etc, will be populated automatically.

Leave Calendar gives every employee the provision for viewing his leaves and his current status through a normal view and a calendar view.

It has many features like filtering the employee leave summary details. It displays the breakup of leaves namely leaves entitled, leaves taken, and leave scheduled and leave balance on the basis of the Leave Types.

The system also enables the employees to view and cancel the leaves applied, check the latest leave status, and the Manager’s & HR’s Comments for the leave.

Approval / rejection of leave request can also be viewed on the system.


We provides a central location for time-off data

Our dedicated server is backed up all Information at every night

Information will secure never be shared with anyone

We can easily check the latest leave status, and the Manager's and HR's comments for the leave

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