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Ideation is a natural process of life. In an enterprise, ideation plays a pivotal role in growth, progress and innovation. It could be a challenge, a new concept, a thought, a discovery; they all need a platform to be discussed, applied on and ventured into or event acknowledged.

SharePoint Idea Management is a platform that guides your business ideas through a validated process, developed together and for leading accelerators. Virtual mentors, guidance, best practices are all incorporated to help and channelize enterprises through the process. Tracking progress, Collaborating and Managing ideas becomes easy and efficient with this tool.

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Why SharePoint Idea Management?

SharePoint Idea Management is a collaborative platform and a centralized zone where various stakeholders, employees, think tanks can share challenges, ideas and concepts. Stakeholders can publish time based campaign requests. Employees can submit ideas for analysis for the available campaigns. Process owners then review these ideas and approve them for feedback process. This enables the entire team to manage ideation right from concept stage to completion with collaborative initiatives. Idea Management tool also uses the social networking approach to elicit more feedbacks and responses from employees. It is like you are creating a community of innovators where the team can engage and resolve challenges.

Does SharePoint Idea Management help?

SharePoint provides an idea management solution to enables:

i. Stakeholder launch campaigns to capture ideas.

ii. Employees and Experts to vote and provide valid feedback.

iii. Idea Admins to prioritize ideas and select winners.

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