Human Resources Management System

SharePoint Human Resources Management System

We at Katpro Technologies help organizations develop software solutions using a variety of Microsoft Technologies, Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is one of our forte, which accompanies with more up to date functionalities and abilities harnessing any business objective and difficulties most organizations face these days.

Human Resources Management system is one of the key departments within an organization since it involves the people who eventually build and define the strength of an organization.

Compelling and Efficient SharePoint Human Resources management system is the need of all associations, where they require a vigorous system which incorporates or includes, storing the Personnel data working within the system.

Our SharePoint HR portal templates allow HR to plan and do several activities. SharePoint HR system can create employee organization structure, job role, job position. They can upload employees detail in bulk. They can maintain employee history, education history, and document history. They can publish company holiday, create approval workflows for various activities. They can assign projects, create timesheet reports and maintain compensation details. SharePoint human resources can effectively track their team, reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. Employees have a separate login to track their attendance, raising request, track their time, their activities and pending tasks. They can manage hiring activities, terminations, and employee performance and appraisal process, on boarding and off boarding activities. It reduces the pain of manual tasks. It automates the entire process, leave application, payroll generation, and time & attendance activities.

human resource management service

Some Key Features:

Provide a web application that helps in managing the resource, employee details, attendance monitoring, appraisal tracking and lot.

Captures all employee personal details

Track Employee Violations & disciplinary actions were taken against the employee, with Payroll integration.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking .

Maintain Employee Contract Details, with Effective Dates tracking.

Perform payroll management, travels & Tickets, Employee tracking, leaves & settlement, maintaining government relations.

Provide Workforce Lifecycle Management, Talent Management, Payroll and Workforce Analytics.

Learning and Development Management

Submit daily work log.

Auto generated Payroll process and print pay slips.

Visual Org Structure.

Jobs and Positions Management.

Employee information Management.

Self Service for Employee and Manager.

Our Benefits:

The SharePoint HR System can easily manage the employee details, track the performance, bonus calculation, not manual updating.

Easy to use and automated.

Reduce recruitment cost and time.

Automation of daily workflows like Leave request, payroll, time & attendance etc.

Tracking and Monitoring Applicants.

Improve access to information.

Reduce redundant data entry and process.

Curtails time and cost consuming activities.

Payroll Statistics Report

A Quick view of the total history of employee right from personal background to professional background.

360-degree appraisal system to capture entire team’s views

Reduce waste of resources and help in better usage of employee hrs.

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