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Organizations grapple with challenges such as the difficulty in tracking project changes and version history, collaborating with distributed teams and stakeholders, and the pressing need for streamlined communication and document sharing.

At Katpro, we understand these hurdles all too well, and we’re here to provide comprehensive SharePoint Development and Customization solutions that offer the perfect remedy. Our expertise ensures efficient project management, seamless collaboration, and effective communication, all within the SharePoint ecosystem. 


Transforming Collaboration in Three Simple Steps

Assessment and Strategy
Begin with a thorough assessment of your organization’s collaboration needs and goals. Develop a tailored SharePoint development strategy that aligns with your objectives, ensuring a solid foundation for your customized solution. 

Customization and Integration 
Leverage SharePoint’s robust capabilities through custom development and integration. Tailor SharePoint to your unique requirements, enabling seamless collaboration and document sharing across your organization and beyond. 

Training and Support 
Empower your teams with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the benefits of SharePoint. Our training and ongoing support ensure a smooth transition, making sure everyone can effectively utilize the platform. 


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Comprehensive SharePoint Development and Customization Solutions

  • digital-services

    Document Management 

    Optimize your document handling with custom SharePoint solutions. Easily track changes, version history, and secure document sharing for enhanced efficiency. 

  • automation

    Workflow Automation 

    Streamline your processes with workflow automation. Develop custom workflows that enable seamless collaboration and decision-making, saving time and reducing errors. 

  • infrastructure

    Intranet and Extranet 

    Create secure and user-friendly intranet and extranet portals. Facilitate collaboration with distributed teams and stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page. 

  • digital-services

    Custom App Development 

    Enhance SharePoint’s capabilities with custom app development. Tailor SharePoint to your unique business needs, fostering innovation and improved productivity. 

  • automation

    External Integration

    Integrate SharePoint with your existing systems and tools for a unified workspace. Simplify communication and data sharing across your organization. 

  • infrastructure

    User Experience 

    Elevate the SharePoint user experience with custom design and features. Make collaboration intuitive and engaging, encouraging adoption across your teams. 


Unlocking the Benefits of SharePoint Development and Customization

  • Streamlined Collaboration 

    Effortlessly collaborate with teams and stakeholders, overcoming geographic barriers and improving project tracking and version control. 

  • Enhanced Communication 

    Facilitate effective communication with streamlined document sharing and communication tools, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned. 

  • Increased Productivity 

    Boost productivity through workflow automation, custom apps, and a user-friendly interface, allowing your teams to focus on core tasks. 

  • Scalability

    With customized SharePoint solutions, your organization is prepared to scale and adapt to future needs, ensuring long-term success. 

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KatPro expertly performed a Microsoft Azure migration and integrated Microsoft Cognitive Suite into our web app. They have solid management, skilled developers, excellent communication skills, and are creative problem-solvers capable of finding solutions. They are cost-effective and very considerate of budgetary restrictions faced by startups. Their first-rate customer service makes them highly recommended based on deliverables, expertise, and cost-effectiveness.

Kimberly L, Proprietor

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Please note that pricing for our SharePoint Development and Customization Services is customized based on your specific requirements. We offer a free discovery session to better understand your needs and provide a comprehensive quote.

Note: All prices are subject to change based on individual requirements.

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