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Accurate asset management is a challenge at every organization. It needs to efficiently record and manage its hardware and software assets. Typically, an unorganized checklist would result in no or minimal tracking, losses, low maintenance and unnecessary repurchase. The resultant is substantial waste of time, money, effort and resources.

SharePoint Asset Management is a platform that enables tracking of any type of asset – computers, servers, buildings, equipment, vehicles and more. It enables you to get a real-time visibility of IT equipment and software assets. Tickets are often about assets and managers or IT staff needs to track information about them.

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Asset Management

Why SharePoint Asset Management?

SharePoint Asset Management is an efficient solution, which is fully integrated with the IT Help Desk application. Keeping IT asset records up-to-date is a big challenge. This problem leads to loss of money, time consumption; we need more resources to maintain records and decreased productivity. Missing inventory might lead to duplicating equipment, over buying and spending on maintenance agreements. Repairs are more frequent because regular maintenance schedules are not updated. Other important equipment warranty, contract, lease and maintenance information is also not available for reference. SharePoint provides real time visibility of all these aspects.

Does SharePoint Asset Management help?

Rapid changes in technology and a constant need for new IT equipment, upgrades and replacements, all these require real-time information. New software, versions, critical applications information must also be incorporated into the company records. This tool efficiently stores:

i. Detailed Asset Information

ii. Alerts and Notifications

iii. Mobile updates

iv. Recurring Maintenance Tasks

v. Reports & Dashboards

vi. Link to Warranties, Manuals and Documentation

vii. Check In and Check Out and more…

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