SharePoint Managed Services

SharePoint Managed Services

SharePoint is a popular collaboration tool from Microsoft that can provide your business with the capability to add increased functionality to their network with the usage of a simple intranet solution. There are many advantageous features of the tool, ranging from shared calendars and task lists to shared calendars, which can be helpful in boosting your business process. A large number of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint today for better collaboration, transparency and information sharing. This software can be extremely helpful for the designers, developers and the users.

By choosing to explore SharePoint Managed Services offered by Katprotech, you can easily eliminate the need of hiring and maintaining qualified and trained SharePoint administrators at the workplace, for supporting your cloud SharePoint or on-premise environments. Offloading your SharePoint maintenance functions to a capable third party can also be effective in helping you to provide more focus to your core business functions and manage your vital competencies.

Importance of BPA

Built-in multipurpose functionality

Its high degree of flexibility is among the biggest advantages of SharePoint. This collaborative platform can be used as an intranet, referring to an internal website for your business on which task scheduling and information sharing tasks can be carried out, among others. Administrators may assign distinctive permission levels to all the users on the platform, based on their status. Other than this, the software also has functions useful for social networking, file management, document sharing and multiple other activities that are relevant to the daily operations of a modern business.

Centralized administration

The administrators of the platform can swiftly access operation features, which include security settings. They can smoothly perform restorations, backup sites and their data and update privileges with just one dashboard.


You can opt to keep the online features and benefits of SharePoint, or go ahead and tailor them as per your business requirements. Your team can also enjoy the ability to develop certain custom elements in each of the features of Microsoft SharePoint. Similarly, you may also customize the interface of the entire application to effectively reflect your brand, as well as improve the experience of your employees with the app through the easy-to-use drag and drop functions.

Document management and

This app shall make it abundantly easier for your business to organize its information in a manner that is pretty accessible. Top SharePoint benefits include cloud storage and a streamlined flow of information that can be accessed through mobile devices. These insights allow your employees to make informed decisions, gain a better understanding of shared business strategies and meet deadlines. Just a simple click of the button is needed to share a file on SharePoint.

Site consolidation

With Microsoft SharePoint, you may integrate all your sites or shared work environments into a single platform, subsequently cutting down the expenses incurred due to siloed site administration. This consolidation of intranet and internet sites makes it easy to be managed and accessed by internal teams.

Integration with your existing

Microsoft SharePoint allows for hassle-free integration with varied business applications. Not only does it work impeccably with the Microsoft Office Suite, MS Unified Communications and S Exchange Server, but also with any CRM and ERP you might be using.

Katprotech offers competent consulting, implementation, development and support services for Microsoft SharePoint. We offer you full control of the application, without having to bear the responsibility of its environment maintenance. By availing of our SharePoint Managed Services, you can avail the assistance of experienced and qualified experts who have up-to-date knowledge of the app, and can guide you on utilizing it in the most efficient manner for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With SharePoint, can I free my users from depending on VPN?

Yes. SharePoint makes it easy to access files remotely, without having to use any connection manager software or VPN. You just have to open a browser and log into the Microsoft 365 account of your business.

Can I retain the look and feel of my existing server after shifting to SharePoint?

Yes, you can. Administrators can always recreate the look of their shared server by adding folders and document libraries in SharePoint.

Can multiple users work on the same document
simultaneously in SharePoint?

Yes. This software makes real-time co-authoring files possible.

Will my work be saved if I lose internet connectivity
while working on SharePoint?

Yes. SharePoint updates file automatically, and hence you won’t lose anything due to bad internet connectivity.

Is It possible to search the contents of files on
SharePoint rather than just by filename?

It is possible to search the contents of files on SharePoint rather than just by filename.

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