SharePoint Intranet Solutions

SharePoint Intranet Solutions

All profitable business organizations will continue to grow with time. However, as your company begins to expand, you might notice issues associated with document management, knowledge sharing, employee collaboration, employee details storage, and a variety of other important processes. With the growth of your business, it is important to simultaneously streamline all these processes so that they can capably suit your current requirements.

Microsoft SharePoint is among the most efficient technologies that can help you out in this process. It allows you to set up a process of your document and content management and ultimately make the whole system much smoother and smarter. Intranet portals are among the best examples of SharePoint company pages and are extensively used as a collaboration hub. We at Katprotech offer a range of competent SharePoint Intranet Solutions to facilitate your business growth. These solutions can especially be helpful for employee collaboration and management.

What is meant by SharePoint Intranet?

In the contemporary environment, the company intranet plays an important role in binding the staff together and improving employee engagement. The perfect intranet platform shall help you to accelerate your overall productivity while also improving interactions between your external and internal teams. SharePoint intranet is a flexible collaboration platform that can cater to the requirements of such modern companies. It is equipped with a range of rich communication, project, employee management, and content features, and helps companies to effectively collaborate, source information, and make informed business decisions. This intranet is especially ideal for mid-sized and large-scale organizations that have to connect employees belonging to a variety of departments, and focus on nurturing the corporate culture.

Advantages of managed IT services


Microsoft consistently keeps developing and updating the SharePoint platform to meet the latest business requirements and trends, and hence it is able to meet the needs of flourishing businesses of today. There are a host of out-of-the-box features you can avail of and explore subsequent to seeking out SharePoint Intranet Developments services. Most of these features can additionally be tailored to fit your unique concerns and facilitate a robust digital workspace.

Comprehensive and organized

A lot of companies face problems in keeping an intranet platform easy to use and organized. However, this issue won’t be prevalent with SharePoint as its structure keeps all sites within the intranet well-organized by utilizing a particular framework that includes

Comprehensive and organized:

  • Sharing information within a particular department, group, or team

SharePoint Communication Sites:

  • Sharing information across a company

SharePoint Hub Sites

  • Organizing all SharePoint sites into an inclusive directory

Systematic document management system

SharePoint Intranet Solutions allows companies to have a shared space where their files and documents can be stored online. Any person within the organization and with the relevant user access can check out these files whenever needed. With SharePoint, it also is possible for multiple people to simultaneously work on a single document. You may easily use the version management features of the platform to track any updates made to a document. As soon as the employees are completed with their work, your firm shall have a single unified version available that features inputs from all stakeholders. The Document Management System of SharePoint is highly efficient in managing all important company documents, while reducing chances of confusion.

SharePoint Intranet Developments services can also help you to create and manage employee profiles, as well as schedule and enroll employees for on-boarding. Katprotect is focused on helping you to utilize this platform on an optimal level for greater digital workplace management. Moreover, this permission-based intranet system can effectively protect sensitive content from any kind of unauthorized viewing, modification, and deletion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by an intranet site?

Intranet can be described as the private, staff only website of your company that cannot be accessed by the general public. Company employees can connect, engage and work on projects on these sites.

Can an intranet work without the Internet?

The Internet is essentially the underlying technology that facilitates the connectivity of the intranet. To access the intranet, usually, employees would use the local area network (LAN) of your company. However, they can access the intranet from almost any internet-connected device.

What is intranet software?

Intranet software, such as SharePoint is a comprehensive system that incorporates varied working parts of a digital workspace in a single central platform.

Can unique permissions be given to each employee on

Yes, you may set up varying degrees of permission for each user, as well as have specific permission for a file or directory that allows you to apply security on a granular level.

Can alerts be set up on SharePoint to notify users about
content updates?

Yes. You can set these alerts both for individuals and for entire teams.

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