Discover, Distribute and Obtain instant access to critical organizational data through Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management.

How Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management can help your Organization

Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management system can effectively overcome the shortcomings of your current document management system. SharePoint Document Management solutions will allow quick sharing, organizing, and tracing of documents. The system allows collaboration between the employees anytime and anywhere, either from a desktop, or mobile device.


Our SharePoint Document Management services will allow multiple users to make changes to documents simultaneously and workflows will be seamless. User permissions will be clearly defined, and unauthorized file access can be restricted. Our system can be integrated with other software of your company and data can be extracted from them. Managing document metadata will become a breeze and records management compliance will be simpler.

Our SharePoint Documentation Management Service Offerings

Katpro is one of the leading Process Automation SharePoint Consulting companies serving numerous clients worldwide.

Our key service offerings include

Document Creation

Our team at Katpro helps in digitizing paper documents to convert them into electronic formats such as PDF for uniform readability and searchability. Documents are automatically scanned, validated and obvious issues are automatically fixed. The real-time collaboration feature allows several users to access and edit documents concurrently.

Document Processing

Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management system helps automatic routing of documents for collection, feedback, approvals and signatures. Automatic notifications are also sent out to authorized users regarding new document creation, updation, or approval.

Document Storage
and Retrieval

Adequate document storage capacity is offered under Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management system that can be extended if needed. We provide multi-format document support and indexing features to categorize, search and retrieve documents.

Document Consistency

Our team at Katpro ensures document consistency by providing the versioning feature that can track multiple versions, prevent duplication and unwanted changes in the document. We offer a backup and restore feature to restore recently deleted documents.

Document Security
and Compliance

Our SharePoint Document Management solutions ensure data security through restricted data sharing and automated identification of critical data. We implement access control through permission based access to the documents. Our team at Katpro maintains data security via two-factor authentication, audit trails and stringent data retention and deletion policies.

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Katpro’s Approach towards SharePoint
Documentation Management


Our team at Katpro performs document analysis to transform document management into technical requirements. We perform document workflow analysis and design to optimize them.


Our SharePoint Document Management solutions include customization of workflows including DMS UI and UX customization.


We offer a facility for integration of SharePoint Document Management systems with other software such as ERP systems.


The next step in our SharePoint Document Management solutions is deployment that includes data mapping and migration from the existing DMS to the SharePoint Document Management system.

Testing and Support

Post deployment, our team at Katpro performs elaborate QA and user acceptance testing to ensure quick system adoption. Post-implementation support and system evaluation also form a part of Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management implementation depends upon the number of documents to be managed, its complexity of integrations, customizations and so on.


Our SharePoint Document Management system is designed to be scalable to accommodate an increasing number of documents so that it can work for companies of all sizes.


Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management system is customizable to adapt to changing company and industry-specific requirements.

Easy Access

Our SharePoint Document Management system integrates with the Cloud platform to enable access to documents from any device or location as well as in the offline mode

Complete Automation

The entire document lifecycle of Katpro’s SharePoint Document Management system is automated with capability to create workflows of varied complexity and structure.


Our SharePoint Document Management system offers out-of-the-box integration with other Microsoft Office services including Outlook, Exchange, Teams and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main benefit of a SharePoint Document Management system over a regular file share system?

SharePoint has a document version control feature that allows the users to check items for changes and then save them. Users can view the most current version of the document and even receive notifications of changes made.

Does SharePoint Document Management provide data security?

Since SharePoint is a component of Microsoft Office 365, it deploys a similar security environment that includes access security, network security, and data security. Security is maintained through encryption and authorized access.

Can I work from home and use the SharePoint Document Management system?

Yes. Once you are an authorized user of the system, you can access the SharePoint Document Management remotely from anywhere.

What is the document life cycle in a DMS?

The main steps in a document life cycle of a DMS system are Planning, Creation, Review, Modification and Approval.

What are the types of SharePoint downloads?

SharePoint can be either downloaded and deployed on-premise using the server version or SharePoint online can be accessed through the cloud platform.

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