SharePoint Business Process Automation

SharePoint Business Process Automation

Having robust business process automation solutions becomes important for companies that have to deal with several interrelated processes, including asset and document management. The right tools can help you to boost employee productivity and cut down on operational expenses. We at Katprotect offer specialized SharePoint business process automation solutions to help you maintain an improved document workflow, ensure superior collaboration and enhance transparency in processes.

Microsoft SharePoint is equipped with a host of features that can aid your team and business to stay connected. You can use this software to automate your business processes, and explore capabilities that go way beyond just finding and showing information needed to process corporate tasks. SharePoint workflows involve programs that can automate business activities with little or even no coding. Moreover, having low-code and centralized distribution, you may automate your business workflows with this app without requiring months or weeks of development.

Why is it important to turn to SharePoint Business
Process Automation?

A lot of companies spend hours on repetitive activities and simple workflows, including contract lifecycle management. Contract approval by the sales, accounting and legal departments, and ultimately the CEO, may take around 1-2 weeks. This process can be made a lot streamlined through automation.

Human errors may cause downtime or disruption in the business process. For instance, a critical error may take the place of a contract being transferred manually from an invoice. The probabilities of such mistakes are considerably reduced with BPA.

There are good chances of compliance breaches taking place owing to the lack of visibility into business processes, as well as untimely scanning and installation of security updates. These factors can be automated for superior effectiveness and accuracy.

Advantages of managed IT services

Scaled up efficiency and productivity

Microsoft SharePoint workflow automation allows both inter and intra business teams to communicate faster and stay connected to get tasks done with superior competency and transparency. If your business process is properly defined, you should consider automating it with SharePoint workflows. This platform would enable you to

  • Send reminder emails
  • Assign serial tasks or parallel tasks
  • Email when a task is assigned
  • Move historical documents to the archive library
  • Dispose documents that are processed and not in use


Until particular conditions are met, you can use loops to repetitively run a set of actions for a particular number of times in a certain workflow. For example, you want to delete files in a document library that are approved by the user, you can just set up a loop for the library, and it will automatically keep deleting files as per your instructions. Looping does not just allow you to perform repeated actions, but with it, you can move back and forth by skipping levels based on situations and using variables.


You may have to halt the process while running a workflow at any instance. In this situation, the pausing option of the Microsoft SharePoint tool can be used. This pause duration can be for a minute, an hour or even a day or a specific date. Depending on the predefined field value, the duration of the pause is decided.


There can be multiple or single stages in a business process workflow that is based upon the complexity of their task. Each of these stages holds diverse types of conclusions and actions, including where the workflow must next go. Stages offer a great way to structure the logical sections of a workflow, with the aim of reducing the complexity of workflow execution.

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SharePoint Business Process Automation is made simpler by leveraging managed serviced offered at Katprotech. We can help in transforming SharePoint into a multi-purpose app that covers distinguished aspects of business processes and communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SharePoint a workflow tool?

SharePoint is way more than a workflow tool. It incorporates workflow, document generation and decision making in a single, easy to use platform that promotes collaboration and adoption in the workplace.

What are the major advantages of using SharePoint for BPA?

Reduce Costs
Improve Employee Efficiency
Improve Customer Service
Reduce Employee Errors and Inconsistencies
Streamline Information Management

How much does it cost to deploy SharePoint?

The price of custom-designed and deployed SharePoint shall be determined on the basis of your needs in regard to system functionalities and capabilities. You can always give us a call for more details.

Will my work be saved if I lose internet connectivity
while working on SharePoint?

Yes. SharePoint updates file automatically, and hence you won’t lose anything due to bad internet connectivity.

Do I need to install software to access Microsoft

As SharePoint is web-based, you can access it using any browser or device. However, for a better user experience, you may install the SharePoint app.

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