Securely backup your critical data using SharePoint Online Backup Tool

Securely backup your critical data using SharePoint Online Backup Tool

It is the time we move on to the next step after understanding the nuances of SharePoint Online Backup Tool. When Enterprises move to SharePoint Online, their employees reap greater benefits of the cloud solution. Worried! Backing up data on the cloud? You might pause and think, should I resist or is it something I should really do….backup all my data online? Microsoft spreads your files across different datacenters, so if there is an outage or disaster, your data is still available at another geographical location in the same region.

SharePoint Online supports previous versions, allowing users to roll back to previous versions of documents. Deleted documents can be restored from Office 365 portal for up to 30 days assuming no manual purges are done from the Recycle Bin.


Now, how do we backup data using SharePoint Online Backup?


Every user should ensure to backup directly from the cloud storage rather than any offline synchronized copies of sites. Offline copies never constitute a backup. When a file is deleted from the cloud, the synchronized copy also gets removed.

Let’s familiarize you with five different ways of recovering data….

Recycle Bins – This is the most basic forms of data recovery and can only happen if the files are not purged for more than 90 days. By default deleted sites, lists, libraries, folders, items, and documents are stored in the recycle bin. If a user deletes a file from the recycle bin, it gets stored in the site collection recycle bin till the last day. These files can be restored using the SPOB administration Recycle bin page.

Version Control – This is one of the most viable options, where the user can revert and restore a previously stored version of the document. If this option is turned ON, you can retrieve data as long as you want. But since the backup is storing versions of the same document, it might occupy a significant amount of space on the online server.

Third Party Tools – These tools are capable of migrating content from an On-Premise environment into SPOB. These tools enable both for the migration and restoring of data.

Service request on the Portal – This option is for extreme scenarios, when you have purged data from site location and it is beyond retrieval, then you can send in a service request for a full site collection restore to the same URL. Microsoft ensures a backup every 12 hours and keeps it for 14 days.


Manual backup of Site and Document Library – This is a Stone Age concept of data restoration. You will need to access the Document Library and open it using a browser and then copy all the files to a folder on a local hard drive.


It is very important to understand that SPOB provides users an ease to access their files from anywhere. It allows you to collaborate and work with a remote workforce. But due to security regulations, some type of data cannot be stored in a cloud location, which can be resolved by adding SharePoint solutions on in-house servers.


By using SharePoint Online Backup, enterprises are enabling protocols for efficient disaster recovery as a top priority. An online backup tool ensures recovery of data lost due to human error, viruses, and storage center issues. With Katpro SharePoint Online Backup Tool, your company’s data is safe from protection against malicious and ransomware attacks. With an efficient tool in place, you can recover compromised files without paying enormous fees to various entities.


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