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Katpro brings to you masses of Sage Cloud-hosting solutions to help you lift your business to new heights and offer your clients a totally new and amazing experience. We offer market-leading features that help with business growth and task efficiency like cluster connectivity for employees, real-time process and growth statistics and many more advanced features.

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Efficiently Shift from Sage to Azure

With Wintellisys, shift from any of your Sage software (Sage X3, Sage 50, Sage Evolution or Sage 300) to Azure gaining all the benefits and perks of Cloud Softwares and leaving behind mostly flaws of on-site accounting software.

This feature of migration from Sage Softwares to Azure is proposed with a target to resolve major difficulties and errors that come with on-site accounting software and reported by companies.

Not a Conventional ERP System

Sage 500 ERP cloud hosting solution gives an edge with your typical accounting processes while easing the operations and strengthening the overall controls over operations.

We give you the power to customize your server resources according to the requirements of your business apps and plug-ins to perfectly process data automatically. It also offers the option of restricted permissions and access to ensure security and integrity that provides the control to manage permissions with simple clicks.

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Benefits with Cloud

Azure frees you with many tiring tasks by taking the whole process on cloud servers making it globally accessible and eliminating the need for repeated set-ups, configuration, and maintenance of sage server systems in local space.

Free of cost Consultation

Wintellisys leads a very simplified and smooth migration procedure with absolutely free website evaluation and consulting services. This gives you a valuable estimate of how prepared you are for the migration. We also offer free guidance regarding the appropriate procedures for architecture solutions.

Azure Vs. Sage One

Azure-hosted Sage has many advantages over Sage One despite the fact that both are cloud-based accounting solutions. Sage One is a discrete standalone solution having zero integration with the in-market accounting systems whereas Sage that is hosted on Azure is completely integrated with popular accounting systems making it the perfect solution for clients who wish to incorporate financial functionalities with their businesses.

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Sage Cloud Hosting Services

Cloudnine provides Sage hosting solutions that can be expanded and used to virtually operate any of the Sage-Software packages including the modules associated with it. With easily manageable resource options and totally secured controls, Cloudnine provides all Sage processes with strong, powerful and reliable hosting services eliminating the issues regarding updating, upgrading and security for the business hosts.

Sage Cloud Hosting Services

Ace Cloud Hosting Solutions comes with built-in Business-Continuity facilities due to hosting facilities of Sage-500 ERP. Having features like Multiple stage redundancy, 99.99% operational time and professionally strategize infrastructure setup, Sage 500 ERP provides non-stop services with zero downtime regardless of any misfortune. In addition to this, we offer all-time support facilities to help with any type of difficulties.

Considering all these, we assure you that there is no scope of any infrastructure failure, chances of any information breaches or any impact of natural misfortunes on your cloud data. You can depend on us and continue your businesses with increased efficiency and without any issues.

With Ace Cloud as a host, you get the facility to work on the same files and projects regardless of your physical locations. Big Businesses, where large numbers of people are employed on a single project, setting up coordination and timings favourable to all is a big deal. Host your Sage 500 ERP with us and we facilitate your platform where everyone including accountants, clients, and people from the business-partner side can use and work with a single file simultaneously. Their location and device are no problem as everything can be integrated together saving expenses and time.

Benefits of Hosting Sage 500

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    Absolutely free 10 days trial option where you can test our services before making any payments.

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    Resource Scalability

    We offer you the feature to customize your resources and plan anytime to cope up with the continuously varying business requirements.

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    All Software Compatible

    Our Cloud Solutions are perfectly compatible with all the devices that can be linked to the internet like tablets and laptops.

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    Zero IT Expenses

    We provide professional assistance with all the technical issues you may face, saving you the need to contact any local assistance.

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