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Katpro provides expertise in Automation Anywhere Consulting for RPA needs in Enterprises.
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Reclaim over 50% of your time through Katpro’s Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

How Katpro’s Robotic Process Automation can help your Organization

Katpro is one of the top Robotic Process Automation companies globally. We use smart bots to automate tasks relieving the employees from performing repetitive, monotonous tasks to focus on complex, high-value jobs.

By harnessing the viability of RPA and power of software robots, Katpro helps companies to achieve operational excellence and stay ahead of competition.

Right from your business workflows to IT operations to Integrations, we at Katpro have got you covered with our AI-powered robotic process automation. Together our RPA and AI solutions can handle business processes of varying complexities effectively.

Our Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Service Offerings

Katprotech is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation companies serving numerous clients worldwide.

Our key service offerings include:

RPA Consulting

We at Katpro help you understand the key business processes that need automation. We then identify ways to optimize productivity and then will work together with you to plan the roadmap for the automation implementation. Our skilled RPA consultants will identify the right tools, technology that will go into the process before presenting to you the proof of concept.

Automation Design

Our RPA design experts can help you map the manual processes that need automation and then pinpoint the appropriate models that need to be applied. After designing the automation architecture, we move to developing a customized framework for your business requirements.

RPA Implementation

The Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence implementation at Katpro includes developing intelligent bots using AI, ML and other cognitive services. Our experts then design workflows and then validate the system before helping you scale the business community.

Automation Support

Our support team will work with you throughout your implementation journey. They will help you with bot management, risk management, failure and disaster recovery. We also offer several corporate training programs for your employees to help them stay abreast with the latest RPA and AI tools.

Katpro’s Approach towards Robotic Process Automation


Our RPA solutions with built-in AI capability lends intelligence to processes that mimic human intellect. It monitors the events, identifies patterns, and accomplishes tasks that humans cannot reasonably achieve by themselves.

Single Architectural model

Our Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions adopt the same architecture for both IT and business operations. We leverage the ability of information technology to process high volume data in real-time as well as nuances of business.

Centralized Automation SolutionsKatpro’s centralized Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions strive to acquire all capabilities of intelligent automation in a single solution so that you can reuse resources and investment across teams without performing time-consuming integrations.

Flexible Consumption

We at Katpro offer flexible options for our clients to purchase and use our services. You can choose only the features that you need and align with your business goals. You can implement the modules with the necessary expansion and migration paths.

Why Choose us?

As a top-tier Robotic Process Automation company, Katpro’s deep domain expertise in RPA helps reduce process blockers through prebuilt workflows and AI solutions bring automation to life for your business.

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

Whenever a process is executed through Robotic Process Automation by the team at Katpro, a process log is generated. This log contains a wealth of operational information that can be analyzed to gain actionable insights.

Regulatory Compliance

Katpro’s fully RPA-enabled process will empower businesses to ensure accurate documentation and keep track of every operation. This will help organizations to maintain compliance with regional and industry regulations.

Improved Efficiency

Our Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence can offer businesses automated processes that run 24X7, ensuring close to 100% operational efficiency and 0% errors.

Enhanced Productivity

With mundane and repetitive tasks taken over through intelligent automation by our team at Katpro, employees can focus on key escalations, customer interactions, and other complex tasks. They can take up analytical roles that facilitate better decision making.

Customer Satisfaction

The Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions by Katpro deliver instant feedback and responses to customers. Our services can take customer experience to a whole new level through error-free processing and enhanced interactions.


What is the difference between traditional automation and robotic process automation?

Traditional automation requires knowledge of programming and API’s for integration of various systems on a single platform. But Robotic Process Automation does not require any coding knowledge or access to the application database.

How can Robotic Process Automation transform the retail industry?

Robotic process automation can bring about a digital transformation that can enhance productivity, product availability, customer experience and reduce costs in the retail industry.

How can Robotic Process Automation transform the telecom industry?

Robotic Process Automation along with Artificial Intelligence can help telecom firms overcome problems in data quality, security, and operational flexibility.

What are the steps to adopt Robotic Process Automation?

The main steps to adopt Robotic Process Automation are:

  • Find the process to automate.
  • Do a pilot run.
  • Identify and rectify mistakes.
  • Implement solution.
  • Measure ROI.



What are some tools used for Robotic Process Automation?

Some popular tools used for Robotic Process Automation are UIPath, Azure Logic app, MS Flow, Azure Automation Service and Blue Prism.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation has become a necessity in current times and with a wide scope of technologies available, we can now cut down manual and mundane activities primarily in process oriented and established business functions such as Accounting and Finance Operations. Key UseCases we have worked on successfully are

  • RPA for Master Data Management
  • RPA for Travel Expense Calculations
  • RPA for Penalty Claims
  • RPA for Credit Note Handling
  • RPA for Stock Management
  • RPA for Account Reconciliation
  • RPA for Fixed Asset Accounting
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