QuickBooks Hosting on a Cloud Desktop

Katpro is a known and trusted brand in the field of hosted QuickBooks Cloud Hosting with our years-long experience backing us. We have successfully reached all of our benchmarks with the help of our skilled and professional team and their continuous and dedicated approach. We offer our clients top-notch services with our completely secured terminal servers. We offer free of cost and round the clock support system with a professional team of technical experts. With Complete backup options and simple pricing schemes, we believe in providing high-quality service at reasonable rates. With scalable resourcing with per-user pay options, you can experience our totally featured version anytime anywhere.

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QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting providers you remote access along with multi-user experience to work on your QuickBook Accounting Applications with round the clock professional support system. We guarantee you high security with complete and protected backup so you can store anything without any worries of mishaps. CloudWalks take full responsibility to secure and protect all your data in case of any emergency.

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Economical Pricing with Exemplary Services- Our Uniqueness and Expertise

We offer low priced hosted QuickBook services as compared to other providers without any compromise on efficiency and features. We provide ace QuickBook hosting services with a basic plan of $29/month which is very economic as compared to other providers who are charging almost double while providing exactly the same features. With such minimal charges, our services are still the same as them or sometimes our features stand out in terms of efficiency and usefulness.
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QuickBook Versions we host

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Free QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Support

It is believed that a proper support system provides stability and base to any kind of business functionality. We provide you round the clock expert technical support on even holidays who may help you with any technical issues like shifting the platform, installing the software and plugins, errors while printing, etc. You may also figure out solutions to the most complicated and demanding issues from our Database.

Experts at Ace QuickBook Hosting Solutions hold years of hand-on experience in providing support related to IT-issues remotely and hosting related problems. You may check our customer reviews as we believe customers describe us better than we can describe ourselves.

QuickBooks Hosting Cloud Solutions

Hosted cloud QuickBooks are just QuickBook desktop versions, configured and established on cloud servers of the host which are hosted over the internet. This provides the user the facility to access their files stored on the host cloud anytime and anywhere via Remote desktop with ease and without compromising on the security of the data.

Cloud Hosting QuickBook applications allows you as well as your colleagues and clients to safely interact with the data and accounting tools at anytime from anywhere. At Katpro Cloud Platform, we provide you with a local-system-like experience while handling all the tedious tasks of installation, maintenance, upgradation, and updates for you.

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QuickBooks Hosting Benefits Offered By katpro

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    High-Speed Servers

    We offer ultra-fast servers for you to experience hassle-free connection without worrying about errors and lags. We manage all your bulky tasks flawlessly and provide you with improved and efficient server experience.

  • 2

    Multi-User Access

    With us you experience multi-user access where you can work with your clients and other staff on the same files and projects simultaneously considering they have the required authorities and permissions.

  • 3

    Remote Access

    QuickBook hosting allows you to work regardless of your geographical location. We offer you round the clock servers so you need not be at your workplace to resume or complete your work.

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    We use top-class safeguarding and protection mechanisms ensuring you high-level security so you can trust your data with us without any fear of data breaching or any types of malware attacks.

QuickBooks Hosting FAQs

What is QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBook Cloud Hosting popularly known as Hosted QuickBooks is the process of installing licensed intuit-QuickBook Softwares on the host cloud. These documents and files can be accessed by users remotely.  Providers of Hosted QuickBook authorize the permissioned terminals to work with their accounting platform remotely regardless of their geographical location provided they have a stable internet connection.

Can I host QuickBooks in the cloud?

Definitely Yes. Although QuickBook services were conventionally integrated with local hardware setup, third-party labels provide users the option to install and integrate their QuickBook on cloud-servers so that they can access it anytime with a stable internet connection. One example of such a label is ‘Summit Hosting’

Can multiple users use QuickBooks at the same time?

YES. You have to get the multi-user feature enabled in your QuickBook by paying the fee. This purchase will cost according to the number of users you want to enable. Once you have brought the plan; you can turn on and use multi-user mode. If cloud hosting is not being used, users might have to install QuickBook desktop in their respective local hardware.

How do I move QuickBooks to the cloud?

It is basically a two-step process, choosing a QuickBooks-cloud-hosting provider you want to work with and then work along with their shifting procedures. At Katpro, our technical team will help you decide the best set-up way for you, take note of files you have to shift, perform all the bulky tasks, establish the server and transfer all the files. All this will be done within 48 hours of finalization.

Will hosted QuickBooks work like my QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes, it’s the same so no need to learn new software or get used to a new workspace. Katpro QuickBooks hosting service runs with any device you may use- laptop, tablet, Macs, etc. and all you need is a stable internet connection to access your files. For Apple/IOS users, you may install Microsoft Remote Desktop Application that you’ll find in your app store.