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With over 100000+ Office 365 accounts completed, we are one of the pioneers in Mailbox Migration Services and Office 365 Consulting. A single, real-time view of all activity around a client or issue available to everyone across your organization. 360 degrees of multi-channel nurturing, dialogue, and insight. We emphasize collaboration and transparency in all our Microsoft development projects. In addition to being available on-demand during your working hours, we’ll provide you with daily reports and weekly status calls.

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We, at KatPro, are Office 365 migration specialists. Our migration services are of high-quality. We take the risk of migrating your existing solution to Office 365 in a seamless way. We will manage the entire process for you from end-to-end. We will work with you and provide you with top-notch services. By opting for our services, you can be sure of the fact that all your data will be properly migrated to Office 365. We will provide you with on time services and we will also communicate with you at every step of the migration process.

How do we carry out our migration process?

Our Office 365 Migration and Consulting experts will carefully listen to all your requirements and will help you in selecting the right migration plan as per your requirements. After that, we will carefully discuss the entire plan with you and then begin with our execution process. We will set up Office 365 configuration in your existing system and then migrate all your emails and your existing files. We also provide our customers with ongoing service support. We will find all the active mail accounts and set up each of these accounts in Office 365 with the appropriate licence.

We will also set up Office 365 passwords that will match with that of your current system. We will convert all your mailboxes to a shared mailbox. This will help you to save a lot of money. We will also update Outlook with the new Office 365 settings. This is going to give all the employees of your organisation an excellent experience and they will be looking forward to working with you for a lifetime. Our Office 365 Migration Consulting services are the best in the world.

Why should you migrate to Office 365? 

Migrating to Office 365 is a very crucial step for your company. It is perfect for those companies who wish to rebuild their existing infrastructure. It will provide your organization with a lot of benefits. By opting for a cloud environment, your organization will be able to avoid working in a heavy server-based environment. They will be able to dedicate their time working on crucial issues. With Office 365 Migration and Consulting services, organizations can reduce the effort they spend on supporting all their solutions. They will be able to concentrate on major business issues. Our cloud environment can also provide the employees of an organization with various collaborative options. This includes group based conversations, video conferences, chats and many more.

Why opt for our services? 

We have been offering Office 365 Migration Consulting  services to clients for years now. Till date, we have assisted in over 150 Office 365 migration projects. We are extremely well-known for our mailbox migration services. We provide our clients with a real-time view of all the activities that we are doing. We emphasize on maintaining transparency in all our projects. In addition we also provide on-demand services to our clients. We have different types of plans available. You can choose your plan based on your needs and requirements.

So, if you are on the lookout for Office 365 Migration and Consulting services, you should get in touch with us and we will offer you the best services as per your requirements.


Why are Office 365 migration services so popular among the business owners?

Office 365 will allow the business owners to manage all their data from a single platform. It also ensures proper security of data.

Can business processes be streamlined using Office 365?

Yes, by using Office 365, all the employees of your organization will be able to access mails from a common mailbox. Also, all the details will be safely stored on the cloud

Is there any limit on the number of mailboxes that can be migrated to Office 365?

You will be able to migrate unlimited numbers of mailboxes using Office 365. However, for that, you are required to subscribe for the Advanced plan.

Can Office 365 be used for the finance industry?

Yes, Office 365 can be immensely used in the finance industry. It can help to reduce manual labor to a great extent.

Where should you go for Office 365 consulting services?

We offer both migration and consulting services to our customers. We will also provide you with step by step guidelines regarding which migration plan is the best for you.

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