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With over 100000+ Office 365 accounts completed, we are one of the pioneers in Mailbox Migration Services and Office 365 Consulting. A single, real-time view of all activity around a client or issue available to everyone across your organization. 360 degrees of multi-channel nurturing, dialogue, and insight. We emphasize collaboration and transparency in all our Microsoft development projects. In addition to being available on-demand during your working hours, we’ll provide you with daily reports and weekly status calls.

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Office 365 Cloud Migration Plans For The Customers

If you are looking for high-end Office 365 migration and consulting services, then we are the one for you. We are known to provide supreme Office 365 Cloud Migration services to all our customers. Our services will allow businesses to run their transactions smoothly. All their applications will be available anywhere. We migrate public folders, mailboxes and distribution lists at an affordable price.

We will allow you to reimagine the way you do your business with your customers. You can run effective meetings on Skype for business purposes. You can also manage all your content on SharePoint. This will increase the productivity of your employees. All our solutions are also completely aligned with your professional goals

How do we carry out our Office 365 Cloud Migration activities?

Different businesses and infrastructures require different ways of Office 365 migration. In order to meet the specific requirements of the customers, we follow various step by step activities while offering our services:

Pre-migration activity:  We will thoroughly analyse your existing system to detect any kind of software inconsistencies. We will fix the inconsistencies before we start off with the migration process. We will also carefully evaluate the overall infrastructure of your organization and eliminate all the unnecessary components. We will also remove all outdated items before beginning the migration process.

Integration with cloud solutions: Once we have migrated your existing solution to Office 365, we will also allow you to integrate your solution with other applications. You can make use of ERP, CRM, etc. We also offer a huge variety of other cloud services to the users. We offer the best Office 365 Migration in Florida.

Post migration training:  We also offer post migration training to all the employees of your organization. This will help them to understand how to manage the Office 365 suite effectively. We will also tell you how to retain complete security and offer stable performance to the customers.

Post migration support:  We are always there to assist our customers during the post migration period. We do so in order to ensure that your system is working fine after migration. We will also help you to extend the functionalities of Office 365 and reduce all post apply migration complexities.

What are the various benefits of opting for our Office 365 Migration in Florida?

You will be able to consolidate all your emails on a single platform. This will help you to obtain a single secure solution for all your mailboxes. You will also be able to enjoy the features of Office 365 anywhere you want. All your employees will be given access to the calendars, emails and information everywhere.

You will be able to maintain proper security of data. You will also not have to spend a fortune in migrating your existing solution to Office 365. We have different plants available using which you can migrate unlimited mailboxes to Office 365. Our advanced migration plan is most popular among our customers. We will also help you to keep all your users happy at all times.

So, if you are looking for Office 365 Migration in Florida, you can come to us and we will provide you with proper guidelines regarding which of our services is most appropriate for you.


Will my email address be changed after migrating to Office 365?

No, you can keep your same email address even after migrating to Office 365.

Is migrating to Office 365 operating system specific?

No, you can migrate to Office 365 to a huge number of operating systems.

Does migrating to Office 365 involve any kind of risk?

Migrating to Office 365 is a completely safe process. In fact, migrating to a cloud platform will keep your data all the more secure.

What kind of data will be migrated?

All mails, mailboxes, calendar items, contact groups and sent items can be migrated easily. You will also be able to migrate personal folders and draft emails.

What is the average outage time for migration?

The outage time will completely depend on the amount of data you would like to migrate. It also depends on your Office 365 migration service provider.

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