Our client is a prominent entity in the beverage industry. As an integral part of the brand, they operate in the state of Florida, contributing to the production, distribution, and management of beverage products. With a focus on innovation and excellence, they engage in various projects, including the construction of new warehouses. 

This specific project revolves around the creation and management of approvals for invoices and change orders related to building and equipment projects. Facing challenges in the manual entry of data and untraceable approval flows, the client sought to digitize and automate these processes to enhance efficiency and bring transparency to their workflow. The initiative aligns with their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and optimizing operational procedures. 


  • Manual entry for Invoice and Change Order forms. 
  • Monotonous monthly data entry activities. 
  • Lack of tracking for invoice/change order observations. 
  • Unmanageable process with no task activity tracking. 
  • Repeatedly missing backtrack of invoice status. 


AI Builder: 

  • Creation of an AI builder for data analysis. 
  • Automated form filling using data from invoices. 

Nintex Workflow: 

  • Implementation of a Nintex workflow for automation and tracking. 
  • Seamless integration for invoice and Change Order forms. 

OCR Capabilities: 

  • Utilization of OCR capabilities for extracting information from attachments. 
  • Efficient handling of diverse invoice formats. 


Automated Monthly Invoice Creation: 

  • Successful automation of monthly invoice creation for Bessie. 
  • Significant reduction in manual data entry efforts. 

Improved Tracking: 

  • Enhanced tracking of invoice and change order observations. 
  • Real-time visibility into task activity. 

Efficiency Gains: 

  • Streamlined approval flow for building and equipment projects. 
  • Reduced processing time for Haskell Pay App invoices with multiple line items. 

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