This project is to scale up to their existing Vendor Portal which is exclusive for Automotive Industries for their Engineering project management. Client has multiple project running in parallel, they need customized pages to setup and configure their resource cost / time / estimation for the projects at Management level. Onboarded vendors will be working on those projects and log their data such as contracts, NDAs, etc. Complex business rules were in place to capture those project related datas’, MIS reports and data interface to their existing Payroll system.


Office 365 Online SharePoint was used here. Though SharePoint provides Template for Project Management as Out of Box Solution, it was highly customized to meet the client requirements adhereing their complex business rules in place.


Various types of MIS Dashboards were generated with drill down options for Project Management Office, overall Project Health Summary, Individual project level, Project Lead level and executing Engineer Level report with graph and chart. Similary Project Lead can see the dashboard of his overall team level and individual member MIS reports. Individual Engineer can view his own MIS dashboard about his performance.