One of our Australian Client want to automate the FBT declaration process the meet statutary compliance of Austrialian Tax Office (ATO). Corporate has to collect Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) declaration from their corporate employees who use their Personal or Hired Vehicle for official purpose, at the end of the tax year. This process they want to automate using electronic submission.


Project developed using Office 365 enterprise SharePoint 2013 with all UI/UX using Office UI /UX fabrics, Used Microsoft Workflow send reminder mails. Provision to employee directly open FBT declration submission directly from their officail mails. Content of the portal can be dynamically managed. Provison to archive the data yearwise once all FBT declaraion are submitted and accepted.


Depending on User Group and Role Dashboard Grid reports displays contains details date published, submitted, Reminder mails sent date and overdue mails.