Client is a global Travel consolidation services company working with 800+ global airline for travel originating from 80 countries for air booking and ticketing platform that offers lowest airfares, As there customers are growing at a faster rate, they were facing difficulties to increase the infrastructure especially in managing their major business applications which should be a cost effective, highly scalable and high availability solution, after extensive research, they have decided to move from On Premise to cloud. They need cloud platform which allows all kinds of business applications, intranet portals, business automation applications, using Microsoft Technologies ASP.NET, C#.NET


Cloud solution provided to us were Five ASP Web Projects, two websites with one windows service which now migrated to Azure Cloud. We used Cloud Drive to store files in Azure Cloud Service, which is a Virtual Hard Disk stored in Blob storage as a Page Blob and every time the role starts it is mounted in the Cloud Service’s VM with a Dynamic Drive Name to do IO operations. Azure Cloud Service configured using L Drive, used Elevated permissions share the drive in Local Network with a user defined username and password so that the drive can be accessed by other web or worker roles using that username and password for both Read and Write Operations.


Azure migration helped the client with better scalability to handle the large volume of data as well as spikes during high traffic period while the number of concurrent users tries to use their business application. Now the Windows Azure platform, they can simply add more capacity when it is needed. Because of the Subscription model the platform gives customers a predictable cost and eliminates the expense of large, complex IT infrastructures, increases the operational efficiencies as they have, 24/7 ticketing capability from 800+ airlines across 80 countries. Azure enhances the service quality by keeping it available for 99.99%