The client is Tier 1 Government Prime Vendor and requirement assessment, migration of their examination management system. Tasks involved Assesment & Testing task like Admission Process Outsourcing, Individual Certification, Online Examination, Recruitmemt Process Outsourcing was using On-Primise IT infra both Hardware and Software in private datacenter for the Assesment & Testing facing very high latency issues, concurrency problem with sudden spikes during high traffic period. Their Server litterally crashing and not capable enough to handle very large volume of data.


Katpro provided following service to the Client:
1. Document Application health report contains pain points areas before starting the migration task.
2. Provided consultations on the code to optimized their existing code and architecture improvements, suggested database schema changes accordingly, specific to Azure Cloud before Migration.
3. Setup Azure VMs and PAAS components for the applications
4. Set up SQL Azure, Load Balancers, etc as needed
5. Set up and configure connection pooling, database tuning
6. Load test, performance test and improvements


All reports and dashboard before and after migrations and verified.
Ensured all Latency blockers in the application removed. KT was done to client on how to perform Azure administration and avail admin level reports, DB backup & restore, how monitor latency during peak Traffic, whether to scale Up or Down azure the processing speed during On-Demand.