Transform Your Document Workflow with Nintex AssureSign: Streamline, Secure, and Simplify

Nintex | AssureSign
Powerful, accessible, secure

  • Fastest time to sign
    Execute agreements and close deals 98% faster with Sign via text.
  • Compliant and secure
    Meets and exceeds global security and privacy standards.
  • Powerful integrations and APIs
    Easily connects to systems of record like Salesforce, Dynamics, G-Suite, and more
  • Personalized branding
    Provide a seamless, recognizable customer signing experience


More than just electronic signature

Advanced Workflow

Connect and extend your current
systems of record (any system with

Powerful task management (multistage
approvals, automated routing..)

Desktop automation (extract data from
desktop applications. everything from
Excel documents, email replies...


Data Miaration from legacy systems
(move data from Excel, or an old system.
into a new system)


Send for signature directly from mobile
device (offline sending available)

Automate participant tagging dynamically


Store and save templates in your own
system of record (Cloud Storage


Document and data retention (update
external systems from document data)

Document Generation

Create ANY document
automatically (word, excel, PDF,
PowerPoint. etc.)


Automatically generate documents
based on triggers (if a field changes in
your CRM or a rule meets a certain


Dynamically take data from multiple
sources and auto create a document
(data from forms, CRMs, system
repositories, user approvals, etc.)


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