Why you need SharePoint Online Backup Tool and how it works?

Why you need SharePoint Online Backup Tool and how it works?

You must have experienced similar situations where your data or files storage is concerned. What happens if you accidentally delete a file or worse someone deletes an entire Site Collection or Document Library? It takes the least technological wizardry to reap the benefits of a sound online backup tool. What are we talking about?

Every enterprise needs a secure and efficient online backup tool. SharePoint Online Backup [SPOB] is revolutionizing the way we store, retrieve and backup data. It is a huge relief, having someone else handle all the stress and cost of maintaining data on servers and storage. Still, a direct access to these databases is always a limitation that lingers. Well, what exactly are the backup options in SharePoint online?

SharePoint Online Backup Tool is…

SharePoint Online is a powerful cloud-based collaboration and storage services. Also, it assesses the best route to restore the desired content, whether from versioning, recycle bin or an actual restore. What if, you realize it is always better to backup your data and practice the restore procedure before you have actually lost and purged critical data? Or what if you want to help your users restore a file, a list item or an accidentally deleted web file?

Your search for an efficient online backup and restore tool almost ends here. Let’s explore on how SPOB revolutionizes your restore and backup needs.

What are the realms SPOB works with?

SPOB searches and restores data with higher efficiency and reliability…

  • Site Content – Team site, Sub-sites, Public site, Private site collections & One Drive for Business sites
  • Granular level items on a complete site using non-destructive restore
  • Documents, Schedulers, Lists, Attachments, Libraries and Meta data
  • User Permissions
  • Version control
  • Copying data across tenants or sites and more…

How does SPOB work?

This SPOB tool ensures stress-free restoration process that …

  • Allows users recover data without overwriting existing information
  • Performing a drill-down through backups by date or keyword search
  • Search that quickly locates and recovers individual items
  • Ensures recovering an entire site for a complete Point-in-time recovery
  • Ensure data recovery to the original site or a preferred site
  • Ensures single click archives exported for onsite storage.


We were quite eager to share our thoughts through this piece, now that you have read it, let us know what you think.

If you need to explore SPOB or for a free trial, drop us an email at solutions@katprotech.com

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