Microsoft SharePoint: The Pros And Cons

You are working on a project with your team. What if you aren’t just able to communicate with them and share files as well?

Wouldn’t that just stop you from making progress? You would be stuck at some point because you aren’t able to communicate with your team member about the next move.

And that’s where Microsoft SharePoint comes in.

Efficient Communication! Sharing Files Faster! Collaboration!

And that’s how Microsoft SharePoint helps you with. SharePoint is up until now recognized as one of the best versatile document management as well as collaboration system.

But, is it really that efficient?And that’s what we will take a look at here.

We have listed the pros and cons of Microsoft SharePoint in this blog post. Take a look at them, and you’ll properly understand if Microsoft SharePoint will be useful for your company or not.

Without wasting time, let’s just get started right away.

Let’s just begin with the basic points that we will be covering in this blog post.

Pros Cons
Microsoft Office Integration Expensive
Many Customization Options Complex Setup & Maintenance
Detailed Document Management Poor Search Capabilities
Build Multiple Layers Of Site Slow To Adapt

Now that we have summarized all the points, let’s dig in deep and better understand them one-by-one.

Microsoft Office Integration

And that’s what companies love SharePoint for.

Excel! Word! PowerPoint!

We all know how important these softwares are in the business world. And SharePoint is an integral part of the Microsoft Office.And that’s the reason you can perfectly integrate both of them.

Can you just imagine the number of hours you’d save by collaborating them?

Customization! Just Love It!

It’s an entire platform. Not just a single product. You can just perform a variety of things on this platform. You can build just anything. Some are just basic functionalities. However, you can find a lot of customization options in the platform itself.

Every company will have different requirements, won’t they?And that’s what SharePoint is perfect at.

You can easily set SharePoint up depending on the needs of your company.

Document Management’s Detailed

If you ask me what the greatest strength of this platform is, I’d go for document management without any thoughts.

Let’s see the variety of things that you can do on this platform.

  • Security & Permissions Management
  • Scanning Makes The Entire Process Paperless
  • Entering & Managing Meta Data
  • Check Out The Documents. Even you can check who has checked them out and worked on them. You can even track the changes.

Are you a big company?Or are you a small company with a lot of paperwork?

Well, then! Buy SharePoint for your document management right now!

Build Multiple Layers Of The Site

You might now know how amazing platform SharePoint actually is.

And you can simply use it to provide your team with all sort of resources.

In order to keep your team organized, you might possess a company-wide intranet alongside the smaller systems.

With the help of the different licenses, you can simply create multiple site layers as well as the systems that can help you keep the information isolated. And that’s what will help you keep the information clutter-free.

And these were the advantages we listed right here. Each coin has two sides.

It’s time that we focused on the cons. Let’s just get started.


Setting up SharePoint! Maintaining it!

Too Much Expensive!

And you would be amazed to check out the licensing structure.

Let’s take a quick look:

  • SharePoint Online 1: 5$ per user per month.
  • SharePoint Online 2: 10$ per user per month.
  • Office 365 Business Essentials: 5$ per users per month
  • Office Enterprise E3: 20$ per user per month
  • Office 365 Business Premium: 12.5$ per user per month
  • SharePoint 2016 Server: 2500+$

And you can’t even predict the costs to run on-site SharePoint server.

Setup & Maintenance! That’s Quite Complicated

Setup & Maintenance ain’t a piece of cake. And if you think that you can easily get started with it without facing any trouble, then you are quite wrong.

Out-of-the-box functionalities. Customizable Options!

That’s what SharePoint is good to provide you. However, if you want SharePoint to work as per your company requirements, then you need to work with a developer. To set it up perfectly and maintain it, find someone who’s just well-versed with SharePoint development.

And don’t think that the troubles are over after you have successfully set up SharePoint.Your troubles will just be multiplied.

Constantly maintaining and updating it!That’s quite a big headache!

Poor Search Capabilities

Search Function! That ain’t perfect.

You might think that you don’t need advanced search performance at the start. You can find things.That’s how all of it starts. Things will simply be going out of control. And that’s when you’ll realize that subpar search’s a huge deal.

It’s one of the limitations that’s been reported the most in the forums.

Slow To Adapt

It’s totally similar to a cruise ship.

We all know how big and powerful this platform actually is.

Plus, we even understand that it has unlimited potential.

However, getting started with it requires time.

First of all, Microsoft is a gigantic company. And it takes them time to roll out updates for their platforms. It’s a form of massive undertaking.

And that’s the case with SharePoint as well.

Don’t expect too many updates provided by Microsoft for this platform.


It has its pros.

It has its cons.

The choice is yours.

Take a look at your company’s requirements. Check out the pros and cons and analyze if this platform is required or not.

And if you think that there’s quite a requirement, then go for it right away.

Well, I hope that we were successfully able to help you with your problems related to this topic.

You can check our blog section to get more of your queries resolved.

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