Microsoft Managed Azure Cloud Automation Advantages

Microsoft Managed Azure Cloud Automation is a cloud-based automation platform that offers comprehensive automation services. This platform enables users to automate tasks without taking up the valuable time of IT staff. Azure cloud automation solution is built to automate and monitor infrastructures in Azure, irrespective of their size and complexity. It can automatically scan the entire Azure framework, analyze, and obtain actionable insights to mitigate issues and optimize performance. There are countless benefits of Azure cloud automation but this blog dives deep into what Azure cloud automation and its main benefits are.

What is Azure Cloud Automation?

Microsoft Azure is an ideal tool used for process automation. It simplifies cloud automation and management by allowing the users to create, deploy, monitor, and maintain cloud resources in the Azure environment. Users can perform automated cloud set up without any additional configuration steps.

  • The Runbook which is a container for automation tasks that contains PowerShell workflows.
  • Automation Assets that are global shared variables that can be accessed from within a Runbook.

Azure Cloud Automation solutions help to identify and resolve system errors faster. Businesses can resume their process workflows immediately after any unexpected network issues or errors.

Automating common processes using Azure cloud automation can reduce manual errors and bring in additional business value.

Benefits of Azure Cloud Automation

Azure automation solutions simplify cloud automation and management by optimizing the existing skills and investment of integration. Given below are the main benefits of Azure cloud automation:

Reduce Costs

Routine cloud management tasks consume a lot of time for developers and are prone to errors. Azure automation quickly performs these tasks increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs for businesses. Implementing Azure for SaaS applications reduces costs for maintenance, infrastructure, and management of your IT environment.

Optimizes Workflow

Azure automation allows you to either leverage existing process workflows or customize them according to your changing requirements. You can maintain and monitor Azure resources, create, and deploy your runbooks as necessary. Real-time dashboards show customer response times, and big data analysis to enhance business workflows accurately and more frequently.


Azure cloud automation services can be seamlessly integrated with websites, servers, virtual machines, other Azure services, third-party applications, and public API’s. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a complete ERP system that enhances business workflows. The Microsoft Azure platform can be accessed from mobile devices that empower small and medium businesses to leverage IoT technology to boost productivity.

Safe and Reliable Service

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform offers businesses the scalability that they need through strategically deployed cloud-centers set up globally. This physical infrastructure helps businesses replicate their solutions and expand operations across the globe. Microsoft Azure cloud services use flexible pools for data management systems that ensure the same performance levels for databases as locally hosted systems. This feature helps organizations deliver optimal performance at any location without overshooting the budget.

Effective Data Recovery Procedures

Microsoft Azure cloud solutions offer companies advanced data recovery procedures for various data types and business units. Businesses can study and choose the plan that perfectly balances the cost and efficacy of the data recovery process.
The Azure site recovery tool lets users formulate recovery plans for replication, failback and failover methods from one location, reserve IP addresses, integrate Azure traffic manager and configure load balancers for smooth network change overs.

Advanced Business Insights through analytics

The Microsoft Azure cloud stack has in-built analytical capabilities that help visualize data for better decision making. Advanced analytics segment customers based on behavior to ensure a personalized customer experience.
Microsoft Azure cloud solutions incorporate Machine Learning capabilities that can test new techniques and analyze them before going to market. Stream analytics help businesses establish a comprehensive, end-to-end data pipeline for gaining actionable insights.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Azure cloud automation framework can be used by organizations with multiple setups worldwide. Azure implementation cuts down manual dependency, enables safe data retrieval and offers the benefit of highly effective disaster recovery mechanisms. For more info, get in touch with us today.

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