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KPI Dashboard for Law Firms

Law Firm Analytics using dashboards brings actionable insights for legal firms by analyzing your case management and billing data to enable better decision making using our legal dashboards.

  • Measure operations with KPIs
  • Single dashboard for all aspects of billing 
  • Power BI Dashboard for Legal Firms
  • Expert Team Support
  • Plug n Play Analytics for Legal Firms

Why Power BI Dashboards for Legal Firms?


Katpro's Power BI Dashboard for law firms is a pre-built solution build for law firms that integrates with your practice managment data such as Clio, Practice Panther, Case Peer, etc. Our dashboards are built with common KPIs that you can readily integrate with your case and billing data.

Improve Decision Making

Partners can now review performance data, billing, case details in a one stop view.

Improve Intelligence

Are you tired of asking for same reports every week? Start using Power BI for legal firms that will solve your decision making challenges.

Ease of Access

Power BI integrates with over 100 connectors and can seamlessly pull and show live data from various sources including your practice management software and other custom data sources as well.

Sample Dashboard for Law Firms

Law Firms Analytics and KPIs

Billable Hours

Analyze the amount of billable hours against actual billed hours to validate the profitability of your practice.

Case Load

Analyze the case load of your employees and partners to review the utilization and bandwidth.

Lawyer Performance

Review case data and lawyer performance data based on time entry and billing.

Case Status

Analyse the movement of cases by status and stage at your firm at any point in time.


Analyze cash flow, billing, revenue, profitability in single view dashboard.

Case Count

Review case count against billed hours and employee data in real time.

It's an essential need for every law firm needs a dashboard to take a good look at the performance metrics of the company.

Dustin SDustin SPartner, Vanguard Partners

Katpro was instrumental in developing an innovative solution for our needs at a very reasonable cost.

Tim BridhamTim BridhamIT Manager

Why Katpro?

Katpro is a pioneer in business process automation since 2011, building workflows and process automation solutions using Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint. With the advent of Low Code/ No Code solutions, Katpro has applied decades of experience in business process automation in delivering faster and plug and play processes.

We are proud to have a resuable asset library of over 40 plus processes that are readily deployable.

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Law Firm Dashboards

Platforms we work with

Client Portal can be built using the following technologies for proven success. We have readymade portals that can be customized to your needs.

Interested in Client Portal for Law Firms

One place for all client communications and document sharing.

Microsoft SharePoint based client portal for law firms can easily reduce document clutter and enable better communications between your clients and your firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is law firm dashboard?

Law firm analytics dashboard helps key decision makers to analyze their firms data using Power BI or Tableau dashboards, in real time using the data from their practice management software such as Clio, etc.

Who can use it?

Typically mid-size to large legal and law firms find use for the legal dashboards to seamlessly obtain key KPIs from their case management software.

What technologies are needed to build these dashboards?

We use Microsoft PowerBI or tableau to create these dashboards. We have ready made and pre-built dashboard pack that has the common KPIs, so they can be quickly deployed at your firm.

What is the typical cost for development?

Implementation cost typically ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the size, design and complexity of the dashboards that needs to be built or customized.

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