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Kudzu and Katpro Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Atlanta, GA — Jul 25, 2023 — Kudzu Software Inc., an innovative SaaS company focused on business forms conversion and user experience transformation, today announced a new partnership with Katpro Technologies. 

With its AI-driven and automation solutions and services, Katpro enables businesses to achieve digital transformation. These solutions and services help organizations streamline their processes, improve productivity and efficiency, and reach their goals. Katpro’s solutions are innovative and high-quality, tailored to the needs and expectations of its clients. 

“Katpro is thrilled to join forces with Kudzu, a leader in the digital user experience transformation“ announced Kothand Rajangam, CEO at Katpro Technologies Inc. “This strategic partnership will enable us to deliver innovative solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. We share Kudzu’s vision of creating engaging and intuitive digital experiences that drive business growth and value.” Kothand added with enthusiasm. 

Kudzu’s platform can redefine how customer investments in low and no-code platforms are maximized and future-proofed. With opportunities in form replacement and upgrades, Kudzu can help organizations make user experiences (and the data they capture) more accessible. 

“Teaming up with Katpro gives our existing and prospective customers access to a team of professionals with deep domain expertise in Microsoft’s and Nintex’s low code and no code offerings.”, says Rob D’Oria, CEO of Kudzu Software Inc. He continues, “Their depth and breadth with these platforms aligns perfectly with our own strategic initiatives and positions them to be one of our primary go-to partners.” 

About Katpro Technologies

Katpro Technologies is a technology solutions and services provider specialising in process automation. Katpro helps businesses in various industries achieve operational efficiency, accelerate growth, and succeed in digital transformation. You can visit (https://katprotech.com) for more information.  

About Kudzu

Kudzu aids organizations in moving to modern low and no-code platforms by automating user experience creation and conversion. The result for customers is a significant reduction in time and cost compared to fully manual ideation and conversion efforts. You can learn more about Kudzu by visiting https://kudzusoftware.com.

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