Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Management

Protecting mission-critical data and infrastructure requires a comprehensive approach, including highly-reliable network, storage, and backup solutions, as well as a robust set of tools designed to help identify potential issues before they become major problems. Our hosting specialists are there with you every step of the way to help you design, deploy, and run a solution that’s optimized for your business.

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Application Monitoring

Whether you’re concerned about your shopping cart or protecting mission-critical data, we know that uptime matters. Our cutting-edge application monitoring solutions deliver the information you need through a robust, configurable dashboard. This allows you to quickly identify and fix problems, helping to keep customers happy and allowing you to focus on running your business.

IT assessment and cloud migration

Successfully migrating to the cloud can be confusing, complex, and labor-intensive, requiring specialized skills. Our assessment & cloud migration services are designed to address common challenges associated with adopting managed cloud hosting.

Managed Backup

Server load balancing utilizes multiple servers to house your data and run your applications. By dynamically managing workloads across servers, the load balancer can optimize resource utilization, output, and response time. If a server should fail for any reason, requests are routed to other servers according to preset criteria so you can stay up and running.

Dedicated Storage

Dedicated Storage Solutions That Grow With Your Business. We offer a range of customizable storage solutions designed to support a wide range of requirements. With our disaster-recovery-ready, ultra-secure data centers, we offer a dependable, highly-available, and completely scalable storage environment for your critical data








Managed Services

Do you provide free assessments and migration to Azure?

We will do a free assessment and also do a free migration to Azure utilizing our Microsoft Partnership.

Do you provide POC to move to Azure?

We provide free 2 day prototype implementation for one of your common workload to Azure

What are the common workloads on Azure?

Most common workloads are File Server backup, Database Migration, Application Migration, SharePoint Migration.

Advantage of our structured services


We help you evaluate your requirements, current IT infrastructure and then formulate a robust and growth oriented cloud strategy to address key business areas and responsibilities. With our services, you can use the full potential of cloud technology to drive sales, and get best-fit platform recommendations from our highly experienced team.


We understand the nuances of cloud services at a core level, and can help you with deciding major factors like types of cloud (IaaS, PaaS or Saas), cloud models (public, private or hybrid), hosting options, requirement analysis, architectural guidance and deployments plans.


Once you are clear on what type of cloud assessment will work well with your enterprise needs, you can leave it up to us to integrate the same within your systems without any downtime or effect to your existing systems. We also provide maintenance and employee training to ensure maximum extraction of potential.

Check out our case study on Azure Migration and Optimization


  • Starter
    • $ 199 Monthly
      • Less than 5 VMs per subscription
      • 24 X 7 support with 24 hr response
      • Basic IT support (patching, updates configuration management, identity management)
      • 30 day backup
      • Once a week onsite/ remote review
      • Proactive Issue Handling
      • Monthly health reports and dashboards
      • Basic anti-virus and anti-malware support

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  • Starter
    • $ 499 monthly
      • Less than 10 VMs per subscription
      • 24 X 7 support with 8 hr response
      • Basic IT support (patching, updates, configuration management, identity
      • 90 day backup
      • Twice a week onsite/ remote review
      • Proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting
      • Weekly health reports and dashboards
      • Basic anti-virus and anti-malware support

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  • Essentials
    • $ Ask for price Monthly
      • 24 X 7 support with 1 hour response times
      • Shared TAM and architect support
      • Basic IT support (patching, updates, configuration management, identity management)
      • Unlimited backup, self-serve point-in time restore
      • Twice a week onsite/ remote review
      • Proactive infrastructure, DB and app monitoring and alerting
      • Advanced threat analytics, anti-virus and anti-malware support
      • Health reports and dashboards

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