How to solve “gasLimit Error” in ETH Transaction

When you perform a range of functions from the Ethereum Blockchain there is a need to make payments. These functions are measured in Gas and paid for on that basis.

Gas payments are calculated in ETH, and they arise in each of these following functions:

  • When sending ETH
  • When sending tokens to a beneficiary
  • When you interact with any contract
  • When you activate any other transaction on the Blockchain.

It has to be noted that each of these functions attract a designated charge irrespective of whether the transaction failed or is successful. The miners on the Blockchain have a duty to present, execute and validate every transaction on the ETH Blockchain.

If you are not able to do the ETH transactions by using metamask from one account to another account please check in  below places

Step 1: please check on the contract or if you have any fixed balance amount then please change the amount of value.

Step 2.  You can review any TestMetaCoin file and  if any exist, please check the expected amount.


Step 3. Please check the testRPC account settings in metamask. If you activated a different network of testRPC and trying to do the transactions from another account.

Step 4. Please check for private accounts activation. If the private account is not activated, you may not transfer the ETH amount.

Step 5. Finally, please check the gasLimit in truffle. js file and increase the gas value like 2000000.


If you want to check the used the gasLimit, check with the below commands in Geth console or Truffle transaction history.

> eth.getBlock(“pending”).gasLimit
// Wait for a block transaction
> eth.getBlock(“pending”).gasLimit

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