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How To Build A Business App With Microsoft Powerapps

You might have come across the term “Microsoft PowerApps,” and you might have made your way to Google and searched for it, right? And that’s where you would have come up with a lot of technical terms where you would simply get confused and not understand quite a thing. And that’s why we have prepared this blog post to inform every basic thing about the platform there is. Let’s get down to business then.


What Exactly Microsoft PowerApps Is?

With the help of Microsoft PowerApps, you can easily build custom user-friendly applications for your business. And the best thing is you won’t even be required to write a single line of code for it.

When you want to create an app, you simply hire someone just because you don’t have any knowledge about the technical stuff. And that’s why you need to spend huge dollars into getting a business app developed. And with the help of PowerApps platform, you can have a custom-built application right in your hands without you even needing to get into the technical stuff. You can create the custom web as well as mobile applications. You can simply connect with an entity’s future or even pre-existing services as well as systems such as SharePoint, Excel, and Dynamics 365. You can further streamline the entire development process by simply capturing as well as creating new data automatically.

You won’t be required to write even a single line of code to build your business application. Below are listed the features of Microsoft PowerApps platform:

• App Creation
• App Sharing
• App Running
• Common Data Service Usage
• Custom APIs
• Collaboration Support
• Company Policies Support
• App Sharing Via AppSource
• Workflow Automation

And these are just some of them. Now that we have explored the basic features of the PowerApps platform, it’s time for us to consider when can you use this platform to your advantage.

When Can I Use The Microsoft PowerApps Platform?

As mentioned in the above sections, Microsoft PowerApps platform can be used to build custom applications for your business as well as ease up the development process by sharing the apps with the different employees of the company. In the past, businesses had to spend a huge amount of money to the developers in order to get themselves a custom application built for their business. And in order to get it built for different platforms was a hectic task as well. It cost the businesses additional bucks.

And that’s where Microsoft came up with a solution and made a platform through which users can simply make their own application without requiring to learn any programming language. This platform can be used by any enterprise such as banking, logistics, manufacturing, etc. It’s not limited to anybody. You can use it for personal purposes as well. And if you think that you want an application in your hands and you don’t want to spend too much money, it’s time for you to give Microsoft PowerApps a shot. After all, exploring the new technologies is fun within itself, isn’t it?

Benefits Of Microsoft PowerApps

Let’s try to learn what the benefits of using this technology are:
• Speed: You can easily build yourself a custom user-friendly application in just no time.
• No Coding: You won’t be required to write a single line of code.
• Office 365 Integration: You can easily get data in and out of Excel, SharePoint or other Office 365 applications.
• Low Cost: This technology comes to you at dirt cheap cost.
• Mobile-Friendly: You can easily access all of the data on your smartphone in case you are away from your laptop.
• Easy Standard Connectors: With the help of Microsoft PowerApps connector, you can easily connect standard data storage devices to as well as use along with PowerApps.

Success Stories

Many businesses have found this technology to do wonders for them. Let’s take a look at what they have to say.

And that’s it. That’s how this platform comes into full effect. And if you want to learn how you can use this platform to build your first custom business app, you can take a look at the Getting Started With PowerApps Development blog in our blog section.

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