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With over 100000+ Office 365 accounts completed, we are one of the pioneers in Mailbox Migration Services and Office 365 Consulting. A single, real-time view of all activity around a client or issue available to everyone across your organization. 360 degrees of multi-channel nurturing, dialogue, and insight. We emphasize collaboration and transparency in all our Microsoft development projects. In addition to being available on-demand during your working hours, we’ll provide you with daily reports and weekly status calls.

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Accelerate your business and progress seamlessly to the cloud through Katpro’s Office 365 migration solutions.

How Katpro’s Office 365 Migration can help your Organization

Katpro helps enterprises in the process of assessing, planning, and migrating their office communication solutions from on-premise, hybrid or cloud to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. Our expert Office 365 team can help execute the migration seamlessly with minimum downtime and ensure that the solution operates smoothly and meets the users’ expectations.

Katpro’s Office 365 Migration will help your company consolidate and schedule all email correspondence into a secure, centralized solution. Office 365 gives access to emails, calendars, and other information for your employees from anywhere in the world. It guarantees data security, compliance across devices and users.

Our Office 365 Migration Service Offerings

Pre-Migration Activities

We at Katpro perform a detailed analysis of your existing knowledge management system, identify issues and fix them before beginning the migration process. We evaluate the current solutions, eliminate unnecessary components and outdated items.

Legacy System Migration

Our team at Katpro can help you with the end-to-end migration from existing legacy systems such as G Suite, IBM Connections, Zoho Office Suite to the updated Office 365. We offer on-boarding assistance, feature customizations, performance assessments and audits.

Integration with other Cloud solutions

Once we are done with migration of your system to Office 365, we can help you integrate your new deployment with the other on-premise or cloud applications. Through integration, users of ERP, CRM systems can collaborate in a secure and organized way and centralize content management.

Post- Migration Training

We at Katpro offer training to the IT staff and the business users on how to manage and use the Office 365 suite across platforms and devices. We ensure that the users are completely satisfied with the system and its performance well enough to drive high adoption.

Post-Migration Support

Our team at Katpro also offers assistance in the post-migration period to ensure sustainability of the migrated solution, improve functionality where needed and offer support to the end-users. Our support solutions will be customized to your organization’s needs, deployment complexity and number of users.

Our Approach

We at Katpro follow a rigorous roadmap to ensure successful deployment of the Office 365 system.


Our team at Katpro first determines how the Office 365 deployment will enhance your users’ experience.

System Assessment

Thereafter, we conduct an assessment to plan the infrastructure you need to manage the network and exchange information.

Check Deployment Readiness

We at Katpro then leverage the deployment tools to analyze the deployment readiness of your existing settings before planning the migration.

Plan SharePoint integration

We leverage the cloud-based tool, SharePoint to be used as a data repository for the Office 365 suite.

Test and Anticipate Issues

We test the system to ensure smooth functioning and plan to face and manage any on-boarding issues that your end-users may experience post-migration.

Migration and Maintenance

After migration to Office 365, we at Katpro perform regular monitoring and system maintenance to ensure its smooth functioning.

End-to-End Support

Get end-to-end support with our Office 365 Managed Services. We offer platform support for quick issue identification and rectification, maintenance support for regular health audits and development support for enhancements and customizations.

Why Choose us?

Expert Microsoft Developers

Our skilled team of Office 365 developers at Katpro are certified Microsoft Professionals and project architects. They will migrate your system to Office 365 on time, and within the stipulated budget within no business disruptions.

Business Mobility Guaranteed

Through Katpro’s Office 365 solutions, your employees can stay connected while outside or in the office through a Windows, Android or Apple device and access Word, or Excel from any of these devices.

Office 365 Cloud

Through our Office 365 integration with the Cloud platform, you can take your business correspondence through Emails, Calendars, Word or Excel from desktops, or Servers to be easily accessed from the Cloud.

Best Practices

Trust Katpro for implementing best practices in Office 365 Migration such as tool based migration readiness, data migration, assessments, and hybrid d


What is email migration service?

Email migration service means copying data from an existing email system to another system.

What are the prerequisites for Microsoft 365 email migration?

  • Creating a Microsoft 365 account.
  • Adding and verifying the email domain.
  • Provisioning of user accounts in Microsoft 365.
  • Purchasing and assigning licenses to the accounts.

What items will be migrated to Office 365?

Typically, Emails, Folders, Calendars and Appointments, Contacts and Tasks are migrated from the Source system to Office 365.

What are the main benefits of Office 365?

The main benefits of Office 365 are increased mailbox storage, support for many browsers, increases anti-virus and spam protection, and effective content management.

What operating systems are supported by Office 365?

Office 365 supports a wide range of Windows and Mac operating systems.

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