Dynamics 365 vs. SharePoint – Whats best for Workflow

We all know how powerful these enterprise applications are.

You can integrate both of them with popular Microsoft productivity tools such as Lync & Office.

But, many times, we are asked the question about which is the better one?

How can businesses choose which one out of these to choose?

And that’s what we are here to help you with.

Let’s learn what they have to offer the businesses individually.

Let’s just begin with SharePoint.


  1. That’s what SharePoint helps you with respect to. You can easily arrange, manage, and store information that’s totally unstructured for sharing and collaboration purposes.
  2. Some of the most amazing things about SharePoint are that it can support web-based portals, document management search, workflow, both intranet, and extranet as well as business intelligence.
  3. SharePoint is deployed to support solutions like project management, content and website management, product and price catalogs, contract management, as well as marketing and sales collateral management.

Are you a business that has information repositories as well as information that needs to be gathered, arranged, and shared?

If the answer is YES! Close your eyes and go for SharePoint right now.

Let’s talk Dynamics 365.

Front Office Business Processes Having Repeatable Business Processes & Structured Data!

That’s what Dynamics 365 is perfect at handling.  

With Dynamic 365, your sales team can manage opportunity management, lead tracking, as well as sales methodology control. And that’s not it. You can use it to support customer service as well as call centers that can take a look at the information of the customer and solve them. Plus, the marketing team can use it for a variety of purposes like web tracking as well as for analytics, email blasts, and lead scoring.

And if you think that your company is looking for something that Dynamics 365 is actually perfect at, go for it with your eyes shut right now!

Both of them are most often deployed together. And when they are, they are the perfect suit for each other.

SharePoint handles the organizational and collaborative requirements of a company related to unstructured information. Whereas Dynamics 365 is perfectly suitable for driving business processes for more structured, operational data-driven processes.

Let’s quickly analyse some key points of both the platforms which will help you have a better understanding of which one to go with for your business.

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