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Digital Asset Management – Why do you need it?

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) offers a viable answer for enterprises or ventures to store, find, organize, recover and share digital files.

Quick to send and simple to-use, a centralized digital library gives peers, employees, customers, contractors and some other key partners controlled access to digital resources or assets – including pictures, photographs, creative records and files, video, sound, introduction, presentations, documents etc.

The term digital asset management covers an expansive cluster of software or programming solutions, from a person’s digital document library or a picture taker’s photograph database to arrangements that look like enterprise content management.

The best digital asset management software has abilities encompassing cloud storage, how resources are recovered, how resources are shared and include for brand management.

DAM empowers creative or imaginative work process automation, archival and backups, usage tracking, e-commerce etc.

Digital asset management helps to smooth forms for the product or item management, marketing or promoting tasks, inventive work processes and numerous other digital schedules with a broad digital asset association.

Why Digital asset management is needed?

  • Increase effectiveness by finding the correct document immediately.
  • Have a central area for all your digital documents that safely deals with your cherished bits of work.
  • Keep track of your documents’ history – reuse your digital records and recordings to augment your benefit.
  • Place watermarks on pictures or work-in-digital records to guarantee they aren’t utilized before they are finished or paid for.
  • Embed copyright or contact data into each picture or document so outside parties can contact the correct individual prior to use.
  • Automate work processes; streamline content creation and appropriation forms with built-in tools.
  • Control when press kits, photographs and basic reports are conveyed and seen by setting ban dates on your documents.
  • Increase proficiency by incorporating a digital asset management system with other enterprise software. Draw documents straightforwardly from a DAM while in Adobe Indesign, your CMS and more!
  • Be educated on the utilization and survey of your digital records. Actualize digital rights to know precisely who is utilizing the digital records, pictures and recordings.
  • Save time while on the go – utilize mobile and tablet functionality to support, edit and distribute digital files while away from your work area or desk.

Anyone looking to optimize or streamline current digital asset workflows needs a DAM system. From start-ups to globally-recognized brands, all businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from implementing digital asset management.

As the principal decision of some outstanding brands over the world, MediaValet is driving a completely new portion of the digital asset management industry – cloudbased DAMS. Born in the cloud and assembled solely on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet is the main endeavour class DAM system to join the best of what the cloud, SaaS and customary DAMS have to offer. Worked with the venture furthermore, end-clients as a main priority, MediaValet conveys an enormously versatile, scalable, globally accessible, profoundly secure system that is in the meantime instinctive and simple to use for all levels of clients.

Learn how MediaValet can enable you to take advantage of your content and engage your teams! Contact us to know more.

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