Customer Story: Supplier Portal


A globally recognized Automotive and Aero Space Company who has manufacturing facility across North America region and around other parts of the world, wants to develop the SharePoint Portal for their Supplier’s who manufacture the Assembly for their Products. Those Suppliers are very exclusive who shares the CAD detail specific assemblies, Engineering Drawings & Schedules, Bills of Materials to manufacture the required assembly. Client wants to add-on interface to their existing ERP system which allows them to share their document libraries for their supplier who manufactures assemblies for them across their global manufacturing facility, as current ERP system doesn’t have feature to share companies intellectual properties through their suppliers mail instead they want to use their internal intranet portal to controlled access to their supplier, keep their documents secured.


We proposed On-Prem SharePoint Provider Hosted App approach to integrate Client On-Prem ERP IFS and intermediate DB was setup and replicate the Suppliers Privileges and small automatic console app will invoked to keep auto sync the IFS supplier data, which eventually allows the both internal (Client) and external (Supplier) users from talk to SharePoint Document Libraries containing a required document repository for the assembly they make, by providing access menu option from client’s intranet portal allowing Supplier to login from outside.


A small dashboard is provided in App for the which details like Supplier Sync Logs, Document Access logs, mails exchanged with detailed and summary level for both Client and the external suppliers.

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