Customer Story: SharePoint Document Management


An IEEE / ISO certified Client which provides solution for electrical Survey, Design, Supply, installations, commissioning and selling products in the field of earthing and lighting protection system. They work with clients with very complex and high end infra electrical installations, wants to efficiently manage their documents using ISO defined standard from Client inquiry, feasibility study, Quote Request, Supplies / Services executions, invoicing and final customer feedback to continuously improve their business service to serve their clients better. They have Tech. Marketing Department, Project management Department, HR Department, Admin Department, Finance Department and Document Library which is exclusively available for Tech & Marketing and Project Management Department in a controlled manner for reference to carry out their business. They want complete business process flow, should follow ISO standard with back traceability provision in place.


Project developed in Office 365 SharePoint 2016 with light weight Customized UI/UX pages, regular HTML / Jscript/Jquery is used. Client categorized the customer into three based on RFQ. 1.Purely for Service 2. Purely for Supplies & 3.Service & Supplies. Customized template was created with respective workflows in place for the above. When Customer board in from their CRM application, Tech. & Marketing Group users create a separate customer website with automated nomenclature will be can be created from anyone of the above three templates and them business date flows there after between all the internal departments. Different type of Workflows are used here for approvals as per ISO standard like Sequential, mutually exclusive and combination of both. Approver have provision to view and approve directly from their outlook mail box.


Separate independent Dashboard can be view with infographics based each departmental Users with drill down queries and for Top Management Overall summarized business health additional to above department User Reports.

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