Customer Story: Last Minute Booking Mobile and Web App


This product is about booking decent hotels at the last minute for the corporate person mainly prefers to plan their travel out of stations at the last minutes and take advantage of this App to book the hotel . Since most of the star hotels may not have 100% occupancy every day and they are ready to sell their rooms last minutes just 4 to 5 hours before day checkout. Such rooms are pooled into this site to make it available to their customer at cheap price to the extent of 50% to 80% discount from regular price. Features like hotel search within 5 kms radius, Integration of all start hotels to sell their rooms with their commercials, All Small hotel can be channel partner, to declare the available rooms left over for the day just before 2 to 3 hours of the day audit closure. They will be provided with administrator option to control to declare their rooms and the discounted price. Application Booking engine will drive the room bookings to customer are book the rooms in last minutes. Product also use STAAH as channel manager to pool and accommodate more rooms. Max one or two days booking only allowed depending on 12 hours / 24 hours checkout. Sometime user may get five star hotel with deep discounted price.


Completely developed in DotNet with MVC 3.5 architecture, HTML/ Jscript / Jquery with backend MS SQL database. Hosted on Windows Azure. Blob storages used for storing images. API calls to access Channel Manager STAAH to book a room. Regular Payment Gateway integration. Provision to setup and configure booking engine parameter by the Super Admin. Provision to markup / make down pricing for channel partner and affiliates. Application developed for android, iPhone phone. Tripadvisor integrated.


Dashboard to display hotel bookings and rooms inventory status of all channel Partners and channel managers. Display revenue, profit margin monthly / weekly/current day. Statewise and Regionswise Room invertory occupations and no turnout status. Monthly settlement reports. Display summary of current snap shot of both Rooms Inventory against occupied one. Generate all MIS reports.

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