Comparing Office 365 Plans & Licenses

Office 365 Plans & Licenses

Comparing Office 365 Plans & Licenses

Do you know the reason why most of the clients switch to the cloud?

That’s because they aren’t quite able to understand the plans and licensing options of Office 365. And that’s what we are here to make it easy for you.

Without wasting any time, let’s just get started right away.



Where are you looking to use Office 365?

And that’s the first thing that you should think about.

Let’s take a look at both of these sections individually.

Office 365 plans are available for both the business and home use purposes.

For starters, let’s just begin with the home versions.


If you want to buy Microsoft Office for your personal use, you have three options available at your disposal:

  • Office 365 Home
  • Office 365 Personal
  • Office Home & Student 2019

Let’s understand what each of them has to offer.

FeaturesOffice 365 HomeOffice 365 PersonalOffice Home & Student 2019
Price$99 per year$69.99 per year$149.99
Service IncludedOneDrive, SkypeOneDrive, SkypeNULL
Office AppsWord, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher,
Access, Outlook
Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher,
Access, Outlook
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Office Apps Premium Versions With New
& Exclusive Features Each Month
DevicesMultiple PCs/Macs, Phones, Tablets
including iOS, Android & Windows
Multiple PCs/Macs, Phones, Tablets
including iOS, Android & Windows
Single PC Or Mac
Skype Calls (60 Minutes Per Month)Up To 6 UsersFor A Single UserNo
Licensed For Home UseYesYesYes
OneDrive Cloud Storage Per Person Of
Up To 6 UsersFor A Single UserNULL
OneNote Additional Features AccessYesYesYes
How You Can BuyMonthly Or Annual SubscriptionMonthly Or Annual SubscriptionOnly A One-Time Purchase

Office 365 Home will cost you about $99 per year. While if you decide to go with Office 365 Personal, you can buy the subscription at $69.99 per year. However, if you are looking for something more permanent, you can simply go with Office Home & Student 2019. As mentioned in the table, you will have access to various Microsoft applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher as well as Access & Outlook if you go with Office 365 Home and Personal. However, in case of Office Home & Student 2019, you will have access to only three base apps namely Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Let’s talk about the services included. You will have access to OneDrive & Skype for a year which is included in the Office 365 Home and Personal packages. However, no services are included in the Office Home & Student Package. Make sure that you check out your requirements before you decide to go with any plan. With Office 365 Home and Personal, you can access your subscription from any devices such as PC/Macs, Phone, Tablets, etc. You can access Office 365 from multiple devices at the same time. However, in case of the third package, it’s not possible for you to access from various devices at a single time. Regarding the Skype subscription, you will be provided with 60 minutes time limit for a single month for every package. You can check the number of users for different packages in the table itself. And the similar is in case of OneDrive. In our personal opinion, if you are looking to buy a subscription for personal use, you should choose the features you want along with the subscription or your purchase and make a decision accordingly. Now that we have successfully taken a quick look at the comparison chart of the Home version let’s just begin with the comparison of the business version models.

If you want to buy Microsoft Office for your business, you have three options available:

  • Office 365 Business
  • Office 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 Business Essentials

Let’s just learn what each of these versions has to offer.

FeaturesOffice 365 BusinessOffice 365 Business PremiumOffice 365 Business Essentials
Price8.25$ user per month12.50$ user per month5.00$ user per month
ServicesOneDriveExchange, OneDrive, Teams, SharePointExchange, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint
Office AppsOutlook, Excel, Word, Presentation,
Outlook, Excel, Word, Presentation,
Mobile & Web Versions Only
OneDrive 1 TB StorageYesYesYes
Fully Installed + Updated Versions Of
The Microsoft Apps
Real-time Co-AuthoringYesYesNo
Installation on up to 5 PCs or MacsYesYesNo
Web Versions of Microsoft AppsYesYesYes
Hosting Online Meeting Of Up To 250
Chat With Your Team On The GoNoYesYes
Email Hosting With 50GB MailboxNoYesYes
Using a Custom Domain NameNoYesYes
Managing Your Calendar & ScheduleNoYesYes
Working on a file and saving it directly on One Drive or SharePointOnly OneDriveYesYes

You can buy the different Office 365 Business plans on a monthly basis.

The basic package starts with the price tag of 5$ per month. Moving on to basic business, it will cost you about 8.25$ per month. Lastly the Premium package will cost you 12.5$ per month.

You will have access to Outlook, Excel, Word, Presentation & Access if you go with the Microsoft 365 Business or Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

In case of Essential plan, you can still access these applications. But you will only have access to the Web & Mobile Versions only.

Let’s talk about the services included along with each of these plans.

You will only have access to OneDrive in case of Office 365 Business plan. Moving forward, you will have access to Exchange, OneDrive, Teams & SharePoint with Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 Essentials.

And that’s not it.

A wide variety of features are subject to availability with each of these plans that you can check out in the table itself.

Make sure that you understand the requirements of your business and make a decision on which one to go with accordingly.

How Office 365 Home & Business Differ Let’s take a look at how these services are different from one another.

Let’s begin with Office 365 Home:

  • 1TB OneDrive Storage
  • per person
  • 60-minutes Skype call
  • per month for a single user
  • Email
  • Up to 6 users can access the subscription. Each of them can install Office 365 on up to 15 devices.

Office 365 Business:

  • Custom email domain
  • 1 TB OneDrive Storage
  • Teams & SharePoint collaboration
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Business Class Email Along with a 50GB mailbox
  • Web Versions of the applications
  • Yammer
  • 24/7 Support
  • FastTrack Deployment
  • HD Video Conferencing


Well, I hope that we were successfully able to help you with your problems related to this topic.

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