Chatbot vs App – Which is Your Best Bet?

Chatbot vs App – Which is Your Best Bet?

Chatbots are in news every now and then. Companies are converting their successful applications into Chatbots. They are the inevitable reality of any business. Whether it is for marketing products or staying on top of the latest technology, Chatbots are everywhere!

Chatbots or Bots are that simple computer program, which is created to replicate or create an effective conversation, whether it is textual, spoken or any other medium.  They help in easy interactions with users and are often combined with Machine Learning and some form of Artificial Intelligence. This rapid invent is eating away the Application market.

One can witness several brands moving towards using Chatbots 24/7 to keep the audience engaged. Whereas, Apps which are managed by human agents can respond to only 2-3 customers at a given point of time, which limits their interaction and availability. Chatbots are surely your best bet if you are looking at scaling up your business and keeping your customers engaged.

These are eight differentiators, why businesses need ChatBot and not an App…

#1 Customers Stay Connected to your Brand

Customer engagement is a very critical aspect in digital marketing. The more you keep your customers glued, the more business you can get. It is a proved fact that companies engaging customers actively on their social media platforms have increased customer spends. ChatBots can add that special angle to make your engagement more interactive.

#2 New Ideas to Engage Customers

Online Businesses are like wild fire. Customers are glued to their phones, browsers looking for new products, placing orders online, downloading material every minute of the day. Chatbot is live and therefore they instantly connect with the customer. They need not be downloaded and installed, or are not data intensive. Any business, which has a step-by-step process/ structural conversation, can be massively benefited by the use of a Bot.

#3 Stand-out from the Crowd

Chatbots can instantly make you stand out from your competitors. Always firsts are the best, an early adopter of a customer contact technology is both a huge advantage and garners great potential.

#4 Are best if your Products or Services need explanation

Chatbots are huge saviors when it comes to complex business models, products or services.  They can help simplify the understanding for all first timers.   They can break down the jargon and help potential users decipher the information through a chat/interaction. It makes the onboarding experience totally comfortable.

According to a survey by Oracle, “80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020”

#5 Suggesting appropriate products or services

Typically customers are looking at tips and require help while looking for the right products/services fitting in a certain need or constraint. Here, the customer might be looking for some expert advice and suggestions. Chatbots can provide timely assistance and information to shoppers.

#6 Explaining customer policies and FAQs

Chatbots are of great assistance when your products/services have policies and FAQs to be explained to customers. Questions could be pertaining to delivery, schedules, returns, loyalty programs, store locations, payment methods, working hours and more. Chatbots can help screen query based calls and let your customer service agents handle more critical and important questions.

#7 If you have an international business or need to provide 24/7 support

Chatbots are unmanned customer service agents doing the job for you. When you have customers across the globe, or from different geographies and timelines, Chatbots are your 24/7, 365 buddy!

#8 Efficiency at your Workplace

Chatbots are just not about customer interaction, but provide assistance and better usage of your staff and employees. Instead of tiring and boring your teams with mundane and repetitive questions, Chatbots can make your workplace efficient and happy. Automate sections of their activities and give them actual interesting and challenging tasks.

Chatbots are not just CREs, but much more! They can revolutionize the way you do business! They can provide you a greater ROI, save you the time and effort with least maintenance to run your business seamlessly.

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  • Odessa Winston
    Posted at 11:11 am, September 15, 2017

    If I am to choose between chatbot and app, I would choose chatbot. I see that chatbots are more flexible and easy to implement that an app. We are living in a fast-paced, technologically-advanced era and choosing something that is at par with those two is most probably a win — chatbot in this regard.

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