Api development for Shopify

Build integrations for Shopify store and integrate with any of the following QuickBooks integration with Shopify Zapier integration with Shopify Xero integration with Shopify Sharepoint integration with Shopif...


Katpro Chosen as CIOReview “Most Promising SharePoint Providers”

We are happy to announce that we are selected as one of the Top Most Promising SharePoint Solution Providers by CIOReview.com

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Top 10 Azure App Migration Pitfalls

  We recently completed an on-prem migration for a large examination application to Microsoft Azure that has about 1 Crore or 10 million registrations.   1. Estimate the previous challenges and identi...


How to backup Sharepoint Online

It’s a known problem that unlike on prem Sharepoint you can’t backup and restore Sharepoint online.   Katpro has created a product to enable administrators to backup Sharepoint online documents...


Shopify Inventory Updation

Many customers on Shopify have a challenge in ensuring that their inventory system is not in sync with Shopify. There are many reasons for this and mainly because customers with physical stores don’t esse...

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What is emotion recognition video operation?

Emotive analytics is an important topic in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence because of its academic and commercial potential. Its actually a blend of psychology and technology. It focuse...

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What are Cognitive Services?

We are in a era of continuous transformative development,so in order to outperform our competitors and sustain a competitive business, we need to develop cognitive apps. These intelligent apps have the capabili...

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Why SharePoint Auditing is Necessary

In recent years organizations move measures of content to SharePoint Online, they have to guarantee that controls and security strategies are nearly clung to. Why? From numerous points of view, disregarding a s...

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